Why you should sell your iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in 2019

It's a fact that mobile phones lose their value much faster than another gadget. According to one report both Android mobile phones and iPhones lose up to 3% of their value on a monthly basis, and the trend keeps on going that way until the mobile phone loses almost 80% of its value and then it tends to stop losing as its still useable but has already reached a very low-price mark. There are two main reasons which play their part when it comes to price depreciation. One of them is the yearly release cycle of new models whereas the other one can be attributed to the technological advancements which help mobile phone manufacturers to advertise their new models in such a way that older model seems to be a useless piece of gadget which is extremely undesirable. You should consider selling your iPhone 6s if you do not use it anymore.

· iPhones depreciate less than Samsung phones

· Newer iPhones depreciate less than older iPhones

Not all mobile phones depreciate at the same rate some mobile phones depreciate the moment they are out of the box where are others tend to cling to their value for a while. For instance, the iPhone depreciation is much quicker than Samsung in the start, but later the iPhone tends to hold better than Samsung. The reason behind this is Samsung's policy of developing mobile phones for every segment of the market, especially low-end budget mobile phones which are much more expensive to get repaired. Whereas iPhone only targets the higher spectrum of users who tend not to change their mobiles every year but rather change every 24 months. Many iPhone users have moved on to better and advanced models of iPhones if you need to know how much is your iPhone 6s Plus check our website for the latest price we can offer.

Apple has announced in September 2019 the launch of its new IOS 13. The new operating system will not cater to any iPhone launched after 2015 by Apple, and that has slashed iPhone 6 price dramatically. This has impacted the price of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus as well because now it's a sure thing that iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus would be the next phones to face this. As soon as the iPhone launched its IOS 14, iPhone 6S will lose its support, and the new iOS won't be able to get installed on it. These factors play a significant role in the devaluing of the iPhone, unlike Android-powered mobile phones where the user does not have to worry about these issues.

At the time of writing, the iPhone X has held onto 63% of its value in a year. That makes it the slowest depreciating iPhone ever launched by a long shot, with even the iPhone 8 (launched at the same time) losing 50% of its value in the same period. However, as soon as the new iPhone 11 was announced and launched, it did put a dent in the prices of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. According to the latest report, on the launch day of the iPhone 11, Apple slashed £150 from both iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Due to this the selling price of both iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus has considerably come down. 

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