Why sell your old mobile Phone

Well, in all honesty, we should be recycling everything we can to keep our earth greener as our ancestors left it for us, that’s the least we can do. Keeping in view the rate at which the global population is expanding, it would not be too late when we dry all our resources. According to most of the reports coming up, we will run out of most resources such as crude oil and natural gas in another 100 to 200 years if no new discoveries are made and the rate at which their funds are being extracted keeps on increasing.  Keeping in view most of the items which can be recycled Mobile Phones one of them but it’s not as simple as recycling a plastic bag. It has to be recycled much differently because almost more than 20 different materials are used in a 400-gram mobile phone from a few different types of metals to hazardous chemicals used in the manufacturing of batteries. According to the Business Insider report, most of the iPhones manufactured today have more than 24% aluminum in them whereas rare earth elements are also used in some components of a mobile phone. Whereas the most critical part of the mobile phone is said to be its battery. Lithium-ion batteries found in most smartphones and electronics have a metal oxide cathode made of cobalt, nickel, manganese, or iron mix this miracle combination is classed as a severe health hazard.  If not disposed of they can even explode according to a report by Daily Mail there can be different reasons why this happens: overcharging, overheating, physical damage or faulty manufacturing can all result in an electrical short, although scientists are working hard to introduce a glass cathode which will eliminate the shot risk by several folds.

Recycle Mobile Phones

The mobile phone trade has evolved over the years where consumers have more options to recycle their old devices.  Phone trade-in service provided by Rapid phone buyers helps people with selling mobiles for money and empowers people to recycle old mobiles.  People can sell gadgets for cash to a variety of phone sellers but selling them to Rapid Phone buyers gives them peace of mind that the mobile phone sold to us will be recycled most appropriately.  Our customers can trade in phones for cash even if they are broken, so in short, we offer money for the old phone also if they are faulty and do not work correctly. If you are wondering who will “buy my mobile phone” well it’s not just recycling companies who are interested in buying your mobile phone.  But before you sell mobiles for cash, it is wise to check your phone value and get the answer to the question “how much is my old phone worth” before selling it off.  Most of the recycling companies do not buy an old phone which is not of any use and can’t be reused as mobile phones.  Recycle an old phone even if it can’t be reused. They can be recycled with the local city councils. City councils do not buy phones for cash, But they can recycle them for free for you. 

Most of the phones recycle buy your old phone even if broken but as long as it can be fixed and reused. Buyback mobile phones Companies can be checked by having a good look at the phone recyclers reviews. Mobile phone recycling Companies also buy recycled phones or those ones which have been repaired in the past, but you have to check with the recycles you are using to confirm. Old phones for cash offers very good to be accurate, but almost more than 90% of the recycling companies want mobile phones which are in perfect condition and have minimal signs of usage for you to get the cash they promise you. Most of the companies do not even buy faulty mobile Phones, also if the fault is minimum. If you want to buy another used mobile phone, you can always check the option to part exchange mobile phones rather than selling it. It would be wise to test who can offer you that service.  Phone recycling is essential in this day and age. Manufacturers keep on introducing newer models before the old ones have reached the end of their life cycle.

Who buys old mobile phones?

There are many phone buying websites Other than the retail stores which will buy your old mobile phone. You can recycle mobiles with any of them. But before you trade a phone for cash or are thinking of selling phones for money, make sure you check how much is your mobile phone worth. Most of these recycling companies recycle mobile phones for cash, even if they are faulty.  Almost all recycling companies let you trade mobile phones if they are locked on any UK network. Some also allow you to sell them mobile phones which are locked on US networks, but it’s advisable that you check with your chosen recycler. Hundreds of buyers of mobile phones spread all over the internet. You can also use Facebook and gum tree to sell your mobile phone. Rapid Phone Buyer is one of the few companies in the UK where we buy mobile phones which are broken and are locked to UK networks.  You should recycle your mobile phone as soon as you no longer need it because the value of mobile phones keeps on depreciating with the passage of time. Just in a few years once a top-of-the-line mobile phone becomes absolute.  Selling phones online has also evolved with the passage of time as state-of-the-art websites have made it much easier for individuals to find out how much is their mobile Phone worth before sending it off along with a free postage label.

Recycle iPhone

If you think where to “recycle my iPhone?”, we at Rapid Phone Buyer can help you with that. iPhone recycles UK play a very vital role as most of the mobile phones people use are iPhones in the UK and the good news is that they are cheap to get fixed. Thanks to cheap parts which are readily available.  Although you can recycle old cell phones when it comes to Phones, It gets hard to recycle those iPhone which has become absolute such as iPhone 3gs and iPhone 4. These mobiles do not work anymore as Apple has taken away all the product support.  So to trade in mobiles that are not supported by Apple can be a tricky and challenging task. Sell used mobile to Rapid Phone Buyer and get instant cash, we pay the same day we receive your device, and it’s tested. Money for old mobiles is paid by either bank transfers or by cheque. 

Before you sell old phones online, it is essential to let us know the details of your mobile phone including the network it’s locked on. Rapid Phone buyer was shortlisted in 2017 as the best phone recycling company in the UK by What Mobile awards. It’s always advisable to compare trade-in prices when you sell your iPhone. Phone trade-in price keeps on changing with the passage of time as the phone gets older the price keeps on dropping including iPhone. Trade-in iPhone for cash with Rapid Phone buyer even if it's broken and is faulty, but please make sure it is not beyond economical repair. Money for iPhone should be with you within one working day after we have received your device and have tested it. Sell iPhone UK to Rapid Phone buyers before it loses its value.  As stated earlier you should get the value for your iPhone before sending it off.


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Recycle Samsung

If you are wondering who will recycle my phone made by Samsung, you have come to the right place, we at rapid phone buyer are quite famous among our clients base for getting their Samsung phones recycled. Rapid Phone Buyer holds a unique position among phone buying sites because we also buy broken Samsung mobile phones and the ones that are locked to any UK network. We pay cash for an old phone if it’s faulty but shouldn’t be beyond economical repair because then it gets hard for us as a business to offer any cash for it. 

Phone recycling companies have been on ever-increasing, but Rapid Phone buyer is among very few companies that enjoy five starts rating on Trust Pilot. There are very few phone-buying companies that enjoy five-star ratings on Trust Pilot.  We at Rapid Phone buyer help sellers with Samsung recycle by offering instant cash along with offering phone recycling of other makes.

Recycle Tablets

Most of the mobile selling websites also buy tablets. Just as you can check phone trade-in value, you can also check the value of tablets before you choose us to recycle tablets.  You can recycle a tablet for cash with confidence with Rapid Phone buyers as we try our utmost to offer maximum cash for tablets, especially if they are Samsung tablets or Ipads.  Trade-in a tablet for cash before it loses its value like mobile phones. 

Recycling tablets With Rapid Phone Buyers is as simple as it is with mobile phones. It is always advisable to perform tablet trade-in comparison before you sell your tablet. Tablet recycling is just as simple as is phone trading or recycling phones for cash on most of the mobile selling sites.

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