Why Samsung Galaxy A3 and Samsung Galaxy J3 series are expensive to get fixed?


Samsung can be said to be wisest mobile phone manufacturer as it does not contain itself in targeting the segment of the market. Samsung’s strategy is much more different than its immediate competitor, which is Apple. Apple’s strategy is to target its elite customers who are already in love with innovative Apple products and do not wish to move away from iOS and other Apple proprietary software’s and suites whereas Samsung targets every single segment of the market. Their mobile phone starts from £10 as a primary mobile phone and goes all the way up to over £600 pounds Samsung Galaxy and Note series.


How to check what year is your Samsung J3, Samsung J5, Samsung J7, Samsung A3, Samsung A5, Samsung A7.


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Until Samsung S4 Samsung, smartphones were much easier to get refurbished. Most of the mobile phone users to get their screens smashed, but the Chinese companies use to reverse engineer them and replace the glass on top of the screens. This increased the product life cycle of Samsung mobile phones several folds and then it was the time when Samsung realised that Samsung realised to address the issue of the increased product life cycle they have to get the recycling impossible. Samsung mobile phones are much cheaper than their rivals, especially budget smartphones, and offer excellent user experience. The mobile phones also do not tend to develop any issues other than screen burn marks with the time which lets these mobile phones hold better value after few years compared to iPhones.

But if a Samsung screen is broken, it dear to get repaired as compared to an iPhone. All Samsung screens are expensive to repair. Especially those of high-end Samsung mobile phones such as Samsung s8, Samsung s9 and above. Even the screens of Samsung A3 series and Samsung J3 series are expensive whereas iPhone screens are 3-4 times cheaper than a Samsung smartphone to get repaired. Although Samsung screens are much better than iPhone screens in design feel and display, they still are expensive to get repaired.

There is another issue with the Samsung screens, after continuous use, the screens tend to have image burn signs which do not go away and with the time they get worst. These images burn marks affect the selling price of mobile phones and often get the mobile phone to be classed as faulty by mobile phones recycling companies. Trade-in of Samsung mobile Phones is difficult if the screen has image burn marks. We at Rapid Phone buyer received many Samsung mobile phones with image burn marks, and unfortunately, we have to lower the offer price as because of the image burn the selling price is much lower than expected. Due to broken screen issues and expensive replacement screens, Samsung mobile phones do not attract people who have once broken their screen and have suffered by getting ir repaired at an high-priced display. 

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