Why is the LCD of Samsung phones so expensive to replace?

Getting a Samsung Mobile Phones Screen might cost you as much as a used mobile phone of the Same Model. When we talk about Samsung Mobile Phones, we have to understand Samsung is not just another mobile phone manufacturer making mobile phones and TVs the fact is that Samsung is one of the biggest corporations the world has even seen with total assets of more than USD$265 Billion as of 2017 other than bran equity. It is major international player in many industries including Heavy industries, Life insurance and Fire and marine insurance. Samsung telecommunications is an arm of Samsung Group and is generating revenue of more than USD $95 Billion as of 2017. Samsung has been the market leader for so many years in mobile phone industry and one of the main reasons is its R&D on display systems and that has kept it ahead of its competitors. Despite the mobile Phone being based on open source Android technology, the mobile phone has been capturing huge market share. Due to its advanced technology there is no other company which manufactures Samsung LCDs weather they are OLED, AMOLED, or the latest WQHD Super AMOLED and Dynamic AMOLED. Over the years Samsung has been investing heavily to attain the market dominance recently they have developed a state of the art manufacturing fascility which has cost them over USD $15 Billion to manufacture mobile phone displays.

Introduction to Samsung LCD Technology and AMOLED

The most popular module has been the early version famously known as LCDs which was basic display for mobile Phones but since the advent of smart phones most of the manufacturers moved to better display technologies. When most of mobile manufacturing companies were using LCD technology, Samsung was well ahead of its competition and was manufacturing mobile Phones such as Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung s4 Mini on super AMOLED technology. This helped Samsung Capture a much bigger market share as everyone was amazed by the quality of display but Samsung did not stop there and kept on investing its time and money in developing far more advanced and better displays.

Over the years once classed as highly sophisticated technology only processed by Samsung is now possessed by many other mobile phone manufacturers such as Huawie, Sony, Xiaomi and others. But now Samsung have moved away from Super AMOLED LCD. Most of the Samsung Mobile Phones in the Market at this moment in time by Samsung use WQHD Super AMOLED LCD. Those times are long gone when mobile phones were considered as a luxury item; it’s a necessity of life more important than another gadget ever. And Samsung has tapped on this notion as the display is one of the main things on which a customer’s purchase decision is based. Different screen technologies used in mobile phones today are mentioned below in a table.



Screen Size

Used In





Samsung Galaxy S



Samsung S4 Mini


4.3 (4.27)

Samsung Galaxy S II





Samsung Galaxy J7
Samsung Galaxy J5
Samsung Galaxy E5


4.7 (4.65)

Samsung Galaxy S III



Samsung Galaxy Note II




Samsung Galaxy S6
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Samsung Galaxy S6 Active
Samsung Galaxy S7
Samsung Galaxy S7 Active



Samsung Galaxy S8


Samsung Galaxy S8+


Samsung Galaxy Note 8


Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Dynamic AMOLED



Samsung Galaxy S10e



Samsung Galaxy S10



Samsung Galaxy S10+

Why Apple Screes are cheap to get repaired than Samsung?

The reason why Apple screens are expensive to repair are based on the fact that the technology used by some of iPhones until iPhone 7 are based on LCD technology which is much more cheaper and there are 100s of 3rd party manufacturers who manufacture IPhone LCDs and because of this the price has been well below the actual price set by Apple. Whereas Samsung LCDs are only manufactured by Samsung and they have the full control over the price. That is one main reasons why the price has been so high in some cases such as Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung S7 edge, Samsung s8 and Samsung S8 Plus getting a broken LCD repaired will cost you as much as a second hand mobile phone of the same model. All Samsung Screens in the market are manufactured by Samsung and are sold to Samsung Repair centres with very strict control but at the same time these screens end up being sold on eBay by third parties. It’s always advisable to get the Samsung Screens replaced by an original screen there are cheaper versions available which are actually refurbished screen replacements of actual screens. These screens are not advisable as they sometimes stop working or may incur problems in few months. Some of them even have issues whilst fitting on your mobile phone.

Why can’t I just get the glass replacement rather than getting the full Screen Replacement?

Samsung screens are covered by a thin layer of glass that’s why when your screen is broken sometimes you are able to use it although the screen is shattered even in some cases the small pieces of glass are coming off. This glass cover is not only to protect the actual screen from breaking but also helps to keep it clean. Both the screens are glues together and cannot be separated easily. That is one the main reasons why it’s not advisable to get it replaced. The glue used is transparent and very strong although it can be separated but it needs extremely skilful technician with expensive machinery. There are also high chances that whilst separating the glass from the actual screen the technician might end up breaking the actual screen which will just be wastage of time and hassle. Until Samsung Galaxy S5 the process of separating the broken screens from AMOLED was much easier and many mobile phone repair shops had the facilities to get them repaired using specialised equipment. Soon Samsung realised that the refurbishment of screens has increased the life cycle of mobile phones hence the newer generation of AMOLED screens has much stronger glue especially the curved versions of Samsung S7 edge, Samsung S8 Edge plus and later models. Keeping in view all the risks associated to getting the glass replaced and getting your broken screen refurbished, our expert advice would be to get the screen replaced rather than getting it refurbished. We should leave the LCD refurbishment of Samsung screens in the hands of Chinese factories who have the right equipment and expertise to get the screen refurbished.

How to use the Samsung Mobile Phone when the screens broken?

Rather than paying a huge sum of money to get a new screen on your old Samsung mobile phone you can always get a tempered glass which will make it impossible for the broken glass to hurt your figures. So you can use the mobile phone if the inner screen is still intact. There are different tempered glasses available in the market which covers the edges as well, it’s always advisable to get them for your mobile phone in order to minimise the risk associated getting the screen broken. The Samsung mobile phones such as Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge use WQHD Super AMOLED technology which makes it easy for the screen to get burned. It means that if you screen stays bright on one screen the screen will burn from inside and develop permanent marketing on the screen. This is commonly called screen burn. It is not repairable and all you can do is to get a new screen for your old mobile phone. Samsung does know this issue and we believe that this issue must get resolved in the newer Dynamic AMOLED screens which are used in the latest Samsung mobile Phones Samsung Galaxy S10e, Samsung Galaxy S10,Samsung Galaxy S10+. Keeping mobile phone safe is important as it always help you get most of your mobile phone when you sell it. If you have any Samsung mobile Phone to sell please get in touch with us and we will try our level best to provide you highest quote even if it’s broken.

Does my Samsung Warranty cover my Broken Screen?

The warranty period for Samsung PC monitors is 24 months for consumers and 36 months for businesses. According to Samsung “While your warranty with Samsung does not cover a cracked screen, having this fixed by us directly means that you have a repair that passes our high quality standards with official Samsung parts to make your phone good as new again.” Although in most cases you pay a premium price when you get your Samsung Mobile Phone repaired by Samsung but at the same time it helps you keep the warranty.