Why Broken iPhone 8 is valued much more than a Broken Samsung S8?

Both Samsung and Apple launched their flash ship models in 2018, and they did create a lot of buzz. At the time of the release, Samsung was struggling to maintain its reputation because the Samsung Note 7 caused a lot of damage to Samsung as a reliable mobile phone manufacturer whereas Apple was also busy getting out of the controversy iPhone 7 generated by eliminating 3.5 headphone jack. But both came with the blast as far as the performance is concerned. Both Mobile phones at the time of their launch were being sold at almost the same price as £500. If you by any chance have a broken iPhone 8 to sell, you can sell it to us without any hesitation. 

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Design & Feel

Design is what makes a lot of difference when it comes to the comparison between iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy s8. By the looks of the iPhone, it seems as if Apple paid no attention to the design side of the Apple iPhone 8. In all honesty, the design of the iPhone isn't much different from the iPhone 6, which was released a couple of years before the launch of the iPhone 8. But when one takes the Samsung galaxy s8 into its hand, one realizes that's it's on the next level and beats iPhone 8 several folds when it comes to design. The design of the Samsung Galaxy s8 is unbelievably amazing. The screen is curved and sinks into the frame so nicely one can't feel when the display ended and where the frame started. The same is the case with the back of the S8, full glass back carefully carved. Other than the apparent look, the Samsung S8 is also much taller than iPhone 8 which provides a much better user experience as it's slimmer and makes it easy for the user to get the phone stick to their palm.

Where to sell iPhone 8 plus?

At the time of writing the blog post, the broken iPhone 8 was bought for £148 whereas the Samsung s8 was bought for £55. The price difference between both mobile phones is three folds when broken, whereas if in working order, the price is almost the same. According to several marketing reports, more than 80% of mobile phones get their screen cracked, and this is the most common fault in mobile phones. The reason for the price to be so low of a Samsung s8 is only because the Samsung s8 screen is much more expensive than an iPhone. And even recycling companies struggle to offer a reasonable price for Samsung s8. You can sell an iPhone 8 to Rapid Phone Buyer also if it's broken. Selling your old mobile phone has been made easier and straightforward by Rapid Phone Buyer even if your mobile phone is broken, especially if you have a broken iPhone.

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Comparing the performance

A detailed specification of both the iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy s8 can be viewed below. Both the mobile phones offered exceptional power as both were equipped with reliable processors and RAM. The user experience was also given appropriate attention as both manufacturers knew how important a good camera is to make a mobile phone successful. But the thing which made a gigantic difference between both devices was feel and design. 


iPhone 8

Galaxy S8


4.7-inch LCD

5.8-inch Super AMOLED


1334×750 (326ppi)

2960×1440 (570ppi)

Aspect ratio



Rear camera

12MP, f/1.8, OIS

12MP, f/1.7, OIS

Front camera

7MP, f/2.2

8MP, f/f.7


Apple A11 Bionic

Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 or Samsung Exynos 8895


Not stated






Not stated





Fingerprint scanner?



Face/Iris scanner?



Headphone jack?



Data port



Wireless charging?



MicroSD slot?










You can sell an iPhone 8 to Rapid Phone Buyer we try our utmost to offer the highest price in the market. Its often asked “if I can sell my iPhone 8 online if it's broken or has a cracked screen and the answer is yes, we buy broken mobile phones and you don’t have to go anywhere else to sell your old mobile phone.

Where can I sell my iPhone 8 plus and should I sell iPhone 8 plus near me?

Well, you can sell it to us without any hesitation, and selling to any company closer than does not make any difference as all purchases made through online systems after mobile phones are tested. The prices have declined since iPhone 11 has been released so if you recycle your iPhone, you should consider it selling, recycle iPhone 8 plus before the launch of the next iPhone because the launch of the next iPhone will further depreciate the offered price of your mobile phone. We are often asked “how much to sell iPhone 8 plus?”, well, the price keeps on depreciating depending on the age of your mobile phone and you can also Trade-in iPhone 8 plus for cash even if it's broken or has some other fault. 

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