Who you should sell your Old mobile phone to?

I want to sell my phone for cash, but I do not know where to sell my phone. That is something pretty standard, and everybody wants to know the answer. You should recycle old mobile phones as soon as they are not needed. 

Selling mobile phones can be a very simple and straightforward process, but you can always make it complicated time consuming, and full off hurdles. The easiest and recommended way can be said to be sending it to a friend or a colleague or maybe a family member. But if you want it to be quick fast, easy, and hassle-free, a mobile phone recycling company is the answer. Selling phones to a mobile phone recycling company is easy and hassle-free, but before you sell it, you should always check old mobile phones value. Mobile phone recycling is much more different than a car recycles service or how you recycle iMac. Choosing which company you can sell your old mobile phone to depends on several factors, including the make and model along with the condition of your mobile phone. Some recycling companies do not want to deal with mobile phones manufactured by less famous and renowned manufacturers, whereas some do not want to get their hands dirty with broken and faulty devices if you happen to have a mobile phone to sell with the screen burn-in or a pixel burn-in which is one of the most common faults or defects in most of the new generation Samsung mobile phones.

All Samsung phones do not depreciate in value as an iPhone because of the difference between operating systems adopted by both manufacturers. Apple was entirely on iOS, which is Apple's proprietary software, whereas Samsung mobile phones run an android based operating system, which is open-source software and is also adopted by many other manufacturers. That is why you can sell mobile phones based on the Android operating system much easier than selling them on the iOS operating system. Having said that, it is always challenging to sell your old mobile phone if it is unable to run the latest applications available on the marketplace and Apple Store. 


You can always try to sell old mobile phones to friends and family but selling old mobile phones to a recycling company is much more comfortable and hassle-free. If you do not mind going through the hassle, then the Facebook marketplace can also be said to be one of the best places to sell a mobile phone. There are different recycling programs run by online stores such as three recycle and Currys trade-in iPad programs. It is always recommended to see who is paying more money for old mobiles. Mobile phones which have screen burn-in or pixel burn-in and are challenging to sell at full price as it is offered for a working mobile phone. If you have a mobile phone in a broken condition or a faulty state it's always recommended to recycle mobile with a mobile phone recycling company; several online stores also offer cash for old phones. As a responsible recycling company, we always recommend selling your old mobile as soon as you no longer use it or if you have just upgraded and have a mobile phone to sell. Mobile phone buyback programs offered by different manufacturers are also an option, but it has been noticed that the amount they offer is much less than what is being provided by independent mobile phone recycling companies.

In the case of the iPhone, the prices change when the new iPhone is released every year in September. Even if you sell the new iPhone 7 after the release of the iPhone 11 the price you would be offered wouldn’t be anywhere close to what it was at the start of 2019. You can sell your iPhone 7 without a doubt but the selling price would be much lower. The most mobile phone hit is the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. That’s why when you sell your iPhone 6 Plus and sell used iPhone 6 the offer you’ll receive will be much lower and within a year after the launch of iPhone 11 the price will touch rock bottom and the demand will fall dramatically. But in the case of Samsung mobile phones, the falling price is much different. Trade-in Samsung galaxy s6 price is much better than iPhone 6 despite both mobile phones launched at the same time. The same is the case of Samsung S7, Samsung s7's trade-in value is keeping up with the market. This is due to the fact that the Samsung Mobile Phones are still keeping up with the latest version of the android and can perform well with all apps installed on mobile phones.

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