What makes Samsung Galaxy S III such a popular mobile phone

Samsung Galaxy S3 phone can be said to be one of the most successful smartphones ever made by Samsung. Almost more than 50 million Samsung S3 phones have been sold by Samsung till date. One of the reasons why Samsung  S3 has been such a popular mobile phone is the fact that the mobile phone was introduced at a time when smartphones were trying to make the impression and Samsung introduced a mobile phone which with a much bigger screen as compared to its competitors. Despite the fact that the mobile phone was introduced in 2012 second hand Galaxy S3 are still available in the market as a budget smartphone.

Second-hand Samsung S3 is still holding some value despite being released in 2012. Although Samsung S3 price has declined in the last few years but it is still a sellable mobile phone. At the time of its release Galaxy S3 phone was well ahead of its competition and one of the main features which made the mobile phone a success was amazing screen display. After the launch of Samsung S4, Samsung S3 price appreciated and a lot of network providers started offering cheap Samsung Galaxy S3 deals. Samsung s3 i9300 was introduced with a much smaller version of it as well-known as Samsung S3 Mini. In 2019 Samsung introduced its flagship model Samsung S10 but cheap Samsung 3 is still available.  When Samsung S3 was released Apple introduced iPhone 4 which cannot be seen anywhere in the market because due to immense amount of iOS upgrades iPhone 4 is not a usable phone anymore. Samsung Galaxy S3 operating system was Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.


The amazing thing which kept Samsung Galaxy S3 still in the market is the fact that the mobile phone can be fixed and refurbished and that is one of the reasons why there are so many refurbished Samsung Galaxy S3 still available in the market. Mobile phone recyclers could easily recondition Samsung Galaxy S3 and sell it back into the market, increasing the product life cycle of Samsung Galaxy S3 several folds. If you still have a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone and want to sell it, sell it to us. There's no doubt about the fact that they are so many high-performing mobile phones available in the market in 2019 but a cheap Samsung S3 is still capable of doing most of the tasks one expects a smartphone to do. It does not really matter if you bought a Samsung S3 pay as you go or you have a Tesco mobile Samsung S3 when you sell it you get almost the same price for it. As it is very cheap to get Samsung Galaxy S3 unlocked.  To check the latest S3 Galaxy price you can visit our  Samsung Galaxy s3 page.   There is no Samsung Galaxy S3 8 GB as only Samsung 16GB handsets were launched.  Samsung S3 red was also introduced but not too many of them were sold as the most popular colour was blue and white. If you still happen to have a Samsung S3 SIM-free or O2 Samsung Galaxy S3 you can sell them to us with confidence as we offer the best Samsung S3 price in the UK. So you can sell the Samsung s3 even in 2019.

In 2019, we do not see many users sending Samsung s3 for recycling, but a lot of users recycle Samsung s6 and recycle Samsung s7. We at Rapid Phone Buyer offer excellent Samsung Recycling service for most of Samsung mobile phones and you can recycle your old mobile phones with confidence with us.