What made Samsung Galaxy s4 such a popular mobile phone?

Samsung s4 phone is classed as one of the most successful mobile phones of all times. Samsung was able to sell more than 20 million mobile phones in less than the first 2 months and overall managed to sell more than 80 million devices in more than 155 countries across the world. At the time to its release pay as you go galaxy s4 was offered for £500. Samsung galaxy s4 best deals across UK were offered as everyone wanted to get their hands-on Samsung galaxy s4. Galaxy s4 is the successor of Samsung s3 with much more upgraded processor and RAM. s4 Samsung was released with few other models such as s4 zoom, Samsung s4 active, galaxy s4 active and Samsung s4 zoom did not do as good when it came to sales as compared to normal Samsung S4.

Samsung galaxy s4 active was for builders with a lot stronger display and body whereas Samsung galaxy s4 zoom was manufactured for more camera fans. new Samsung galaxy s4 came with a charger and a pair of headphones. You can buy a Samsung s4 if you want a budget smartphone in 2019 and use it as a smartphone.  best deals on Samsung s4 can easily be found on used goods websites such as eBay.  You can imagine, 80 million devices were sold so there are still many used Samsung galaxy s4 for sale and you can buy Samsung galaxy s4 at a very reasonable price.


How much is Samsung galaxy s4 in 2019?

Prices for Samsung galaxy s4 can be anywhere between £50-£75 in the UK. The price depends on the condition of second-hand galaxy s4. And if you have a galaxy s4 for sale, you can easily sell it for £10-20 to any mobile phone recycling company based in the UK.

Second hand Samsung galaxy s4 can be sold even now purely because it’s a great mobile phone and as far as processing is concerned, it is still able to process normal processes faster than most of new budget smartphones available in the market.  Selling Samsung galaxy s4 is still profitable despite so many years of use. Because the mobile phone is still in demand and those who have used it know it’s a great mobile phone. You can still sell Samsung galaxy s4 to a mobile phone recycling company. Users can sell galaxy s4 even if it's broken. Samsung galaxy s4 price in second-hand condition is almost %30 in 2019 which is much more especially when we compare it with iPhone 4 which no one wants as the mobile phone can’t be used as a mobile phone anymore. The price of Samsung galaxy s4 has been declining in the last few years due to so many mobile phones being launched after the release of Samsung galaxy s4. Despite the drop in the price of galaxy s4, the display of the mobile phone is still expensive to get fixed. One of the main reasons is that Samsung is the only company which can manufacturer its display and they have set a price which is quite dear especially in a scenario where the mobile phone is more than 7 years old.


One of the reasons why s4 price was pretty high was that it provided amazing display and it was the smart mobile phone to address emerging LTE advanced mobile network standards.  Samsung s4 sale is still considered profitable depending on how good your mobile phone is condition wise. Doesn’t matter if you have a Samsung galaxy s4 pay as you go or on o2, you can still sell it to the mobile phone recycling company. The way used Samsung galaxy s4 has to hold its value it's surprisingly very amazing. Used galaxy s4 can get image burn after excessive use and there is no cure to it but it’s the case with all mobile phone by Samsung, in fact, it’s much worst in other models such as Samsung S5 and mobile phone launched after Samsung Galaxy s5. galaxy s4 phone has also been recycled at a massive rate because it was much easier for mobile phone recyclers to recycle the LCD providing the LCD wasn’t broken and only the upper layer of the glass was broken. But the Samsung s4 price kept on depreciating because newer models kept on getting launched.