The Era of Samsung s10 and iphone XS which ones better?

There is no doubt about the fact that Apple has played a vital role in making smart phones as popular as they are today. Mobile phones were not considered as fun items and a necessity of life until the introduction of Apples first smart phone in 2007. Before then despite mobile phones being widely used but were only seen as a means of communication not as a necessity of life. One of the main things which impact the consumer behaviour when it comes to buying of smart phones is the operating system it runs on. In the last decade we have seen many reputable manufacturers wiped out of the market purely based on their choice of operating system. Almost 10 years ago the most dominant players of mobile phone market were Nokia and Black berry but when Android and ios hit the market the pushed them two almost out of the market. According to one of the recent reports currently 80% of the mobile phones shipped in 2018 were based on android platform where as 18% were ios. It is clearly evident that despite Apples innovative approach for so many decades people still prefer open source platforms.

We have also witnessed that Apple has been winning the race when it came to shipping the most handsets especially when compared to Samsung. But Samsung has been slowly catching up. Especially after the death of Steve Jobs Apple users have not been impressed by the pace by which new innovations are hitting the market in Apples new handsets. When Apple introduced its first Apple smart phone in 2007, it was a game changer and as far as the innovative features of Apple are concerned they were simply mind blowing and at that particular time Samsung where nowhere to been seen in smart phone arena.  But if we clearly see now, the game has changed where Samsung is not only giving Apple tough time to Apple but its also slowly and steadily taking over the market share from Samsung. Most of the mobile recycling companies have seen a change in consumer trends over the past few years. Now more customers trade in mobile phones made by Apple as compared to Samsung. Recycling companies scrap phones manufactured by Apple more than Samsung because the product life cycle of Apple iphone is much lesser than Samsungs mobile phone.

Until very last year the scenario was different where we saw Galaxy s9 feeling exhausted to impress iphone x users but not Samsung s10 is giving tough competition to Apples XS. According to any reports both Samsung s10 and Apples XS are almost equally impressive and have same sort of reviews from their users. If we dont not go into technical details, screens of both mobile Phones display almost same quality of images but XS is a smidge higher in resolution compared to s10.

As far as the camera is concerned which is considered as one of the most important aspects of smart phones in this day and age, Galaxy S10 has that main 12-megapixel wide-angle lens that can swap between f/1.5 and f/2.4 settings where as the iPhone XS opts for a pair of 12MP shooters, with a wide-angle at f/1.8 and telephoto at f/2.4. It's an excellent setup, capable of capturing impressive detail and accurate colours, with the new Smart HDR feature combining multiple successive shots to draw out highlights and shadows. Now here is the tricky bit, if you want to benefit from a better back cameras you have go for Samsung because the image quality is defiantly better than Apples main camera but when you are comparing the front camera and the face recognition feature Apple takes the lead so as far as the cameras are concerned there is no doubt that it’s a tough competition between both mobile phones.

When it comes to processor power, Apple is defiantly leading the race as there is no Android processor which can match Apples A12 Bionic but having said that, it does not impact the usage as such because more than 90% of the tasks performed by these mobile phones do not require that much high performance processors anyways. But when it comes to RAM , Samsung is offering 8gb on board where as Apple is only offering 4GB .

It’s a tough call when you compare both models but one thing is clear that if you are an android user you will no doubt keep using Android and is highly unlikely that anyone will change now because of the new features offered by the rival company.

Trade in you old Mobile Phone for a s10 or iphone XS!

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