Selling vintage mobile phones

Most of the collector items are old, for instance, if you look at vintage cars, they have a history. But as far as the case of mobile phones is concerned, they are not as old. Mobile phones originally were introduced to masses in the 1980s. Most of the mobile phones of the 1980s were called brick mobile phones because of their size. Mobile phones recycling In the last 20 years has taken a new shape due to this reason we do not see that many retro mobile phones available for sale anymore. But if you happen to be one of those people who do not feel like throwing any of their old gadgets and stuff, then you might be a lucky person. If you still have one of those 20 years old Nokia mobile phones somewhere hanging around in the attic, they might be worth a fortune in 2019. Mobile for cash offers for most mobile phones are often very tempting, but if you hold on so model which is flagship model of it's era you might get lucky and make a fortune out of it. 

Old iPhone really does not hold their value; for instance, in 2019 it would be impossible for you to fetch anything for an old iPhone 4, but at the same time if you search eBay you would see few people selling iPhone 2 for over £200. We as a recycling company always recommend people to recycle your phone before it loses too much of its value but at the same time, a time comes when the mobile phone is not worth anything, then it's better to hold onto it. Money for old phones always depreciate without a doubt, but at the same time, if you hold onto it and let it fall into the category of vintage mobile phones, you might be able to find a handsome amount for it and couple of years' time. 

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People often try to sell the phone to Apple if they do not get any decent offer for it, but it has often seen that manufacturers only offer a small amount of money for the old mobile phone of which they do not have any more use. The same is the case with old Samsung mobile phones; over time, these mobile phones become more desirable and collectable items rather than a simple mobile phone. Make, and model of the mobile phone plays a significant role when it comes to collectable items. For instance, if you happen to have a Samsung old phone, it would be worth more as compared to a Vodafone mobile phone. From our experience, we can say that the condition of the mobile phone also plays a significant role when it comes to collectable items. You should sell your old phone if it's not of a prominent make and is not in excellent condition. There was a time when everyone wanted to get their hands on a second-hand iPhone 5c, but as of now, it's classed as an absolutely mobile phone which is incapable of working appropriately. But we're pretty much sure that is that in next ten years or so it would become 1 of the collector's item. So, at this moment in time, we would not recommend to trade in a mobile phone which is not worth anything but rather to hold onto it because you cannot recycle phone for money if everyone knows that they cannot use it as a mobile phone anymore. 

The case is much more different when it comes to other gadgets such as laptops, iPads and tablets. It's highly unlikely that you will be able to recycle laptop at a later stage for a much more significant amount or you will be unable to sell Samsung tablet as a collector's item. So if you have an old iPad, you should recycle old iPad for cash now. After the launch of iPhone 11, the price of iPhone 6 has dropped significantly, rather than selling your iPhone 6 now it could be a good idea to hold onto it for another decade or so if you're not in desperate need of money. It might become one of the collector's item if your mobile phone is in excellent condition. You should recycle old phone even if it is not giving you any money if you are not sure whether you will be able to look after the old mobile phone for 10 years and then be able to sell it on a profit because mobile phones contain batteries and other harmful substances which if not disposed of accordingly may cause substantial harm. That is why we always recommend doing iPod recycling because all of them have batteries sealed in the iPod and over the years the battery might leak causing a significant amount of damage not only iPod but also to other things around it. 

The first UK mobile phone call On 1st January 1985, the first mobile phone call was made in the UK by Ernie Wise. And after that, slowly and steadily, mobile phones became a status symbol in the UK. In the days the mobile phones were not only very bulky but also very expensive, and they were classed as a status symbol. Only people at higher positions such as City Traders and corporate bankers were seen holding a mobile phone. The Nokia-Mobira Cityman Was a newcomer in 1987 as far as mobile phone handset manufacturing is concerned but very soon became global Media Player with the advent of 2G technology making mobile phones very easy to use and accessible to everybody.

Life of a mobile phone is pretty short that’s within 20 months or so a mobile phone reaches end of its life and just possesses a fraction of the cost what you actually paid for it when you first bought the mobile phone. Although in 2019, iPhone 7 trade in and trade in value of iPhone 8 is pretty impressive despite the release of iPhone 11. If you are android user and have Samsung s7 to sell or are looking forward to sell your Samsung s8, you’ll still be offered a good price. As these mobile phones are still considered to be pretty good with all new apps available on Apple App store and Android’s App store. But if you are looking forward to recycle iPhone 6, its not a good idea. The apple iPhone 6 trade in price has really took the hit after the release of iPhone 11. And the offer price gets really low when you try to sell cracked iPhone 6. The price of iPhone 6 has fallen and iPhone 6 plus trade in value has also been impacted severely. 

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