Recycle phones for cash

With Rapid Phone buyer because we at Rapid Phone Buyer recycle your mobile Phone while keeping in mind its environmental implications. We try first to get the mobile phone back in the market with a new user who will use the mobile phone for another number of years and like that the product life cycle is increased.

If that’s not possible and the mobile phone is beyond economical repair state, we would sell it further on to companies that will strip these devices into small parts and sell them also on to companies that will use the raw materials after getting them recycled. The main aim of doing this exercise is to make sure all the harmful chemicals, especially the ones in the battery, are carefully disposed of without causing any harm to nature. The chemicals found in a typical cell phone battery are harmful enough to pollute 60,000 liters of water.

Why you should sell as soon as you upgrade!

The advancements in technology have made it difficult for consumers to stick with their device for more than a year, especially when it’s affordable to get a new mobile phone every year. But few realize the importance of recycling their old mobile phone. There have been several pieces of research that conclude that people are reluctant to recycle their mobile phones because they are scared that their data will be misused if gone into the wrong hands especially personal pictures and financial details saved in almost every smartphone.

Phone trade has evolved over the years, and the recyclers offer few of charge guaranteed data wipe services along with providing cash for your phone within days of receiving your mobile phone.  There are many mobile selling comparison Websites you can use in order to get a fair price, but please make sure you check their customer feedbacks before you send off your mobile phone to them. The most important reason for a mobile phone to be recycled can be said to be the fact that before it becomes an obsolete item and not of any use because of older technology, it should be recycled because it will be reused as a mobile phone and will reduce the demand of another new mobile phone. If you sell used cell phones As soon as you upgrade you will get a higher offer for it.

Selling broken mobile phones.

Most of the people think they cannot get any money for their mobile phone is it’s broken, and they don’t recycle mobile with a fault and just get an upgrade. There are many mobile recycling comparison sites in the UK where you can sell mobile online even if it's broken or is faulty.

But you have to check with the recycling phone company and see what they are offering for your mobile phone are.












NOKIA 6300


NOKIA 5120

There are 1000s of companies in the UK who offer free mobile phones to their staff and do not care to recycle the old devices given to their team. We at Rapid Phone buyer do recycle mobile phones used by corporations. Keeping in view the rate at which e-waste is being added into our environment, it is crucial for organizations to understand the urgent need to address the need to recycle. Companies can trade mobile phones used by their staff. We provide a bee spook service for corporate recycling. We encourage compare recycle as it will allow you to get the best price and we will try our utmost to match any offer made for your companies’ mobile phones.