Sell, recycle or trade-in you Apple iPhone 6 Plus with Rapid Phone buyer without any hesitation today. We pay instant cash, just choose your device from below and get an instant quote. Once happy with the quote follow the simple process and sell iPhone 6 Plus today.

iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus

Sell iPhone 6 plus

Sell my iPhone 6 Plus

Sell your iPhone 6 Plus if it gathering dirt and you do not use it anymore. Rapid Phone Buyer has helped 1000s of customers recycle their old Apple iPhone 6 Plus from across UK. By selling your iPhone 6 Plus you will not only generate cash but will also play your part in keeping the environment clean. The price of old iPhone 6 Plus keeps on declining just as any other mobile phone. Especially in 2019 when there are so many new iPhones in the market the price has really depreciated. Trade-in prices for older models such as iPhone 6 Plus keeps on depreciating so it’s always recommended to sell your old mobile phone as soon as you no longer use it.  In September 2019 Apple launched its IOS 13 which won’t be compatible with iPhone 6 and that will put an end to support from Apple for iPhone 6. Hence it is recommended to sell it sooner than never. 

Sell your Broken iPhone 6 Plus

If you want to sell a broken iPhone 6 Plus you have come to the right place. We can buy your iPhone 6 Plus even if it has a cracked screen or has any other fault. Please check our how to delete guide which will help you delete all your data despite the screen not being functional without any difficulty.  Please make sure you delete all your data from your iPhone 6 Plus before sending it to us along with removing all passwords and accounts associated to your iPhone. 

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Selling your iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus was the first mobile phone manufactured by Apple to address the ever-increasing need for a big screen mobile phone. Apple iPhone 6 Plus has almost the same features as an iPhone 6, but there was a big jump between iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus as iPhone 6s Plus has much more powerful front and back cameras.
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How to sell your Apple iPhone 6 Plus with ?

Before you recycle iPhone 6 Plus with us, you must be wondering "how much can i sell my iPhone 6s Plus for" well selling an iPhone 6 Plus has been made much more manageable as our website helps you find the exact model of your mobile phone, and once you have selected your mobile phone we will provide you with an instant quote so that you can sell an iPhone 6 Plus without any hesitation or hassle.

1-  Select your device along with the network it's locked on and choose the data storage (GB).

2-  Check the quote and once agreed, provide us with your details.

3-  Print the label, or we will send you a free trade pack, once you receive the trade pack; send us your device for free.

3-  Print the label, or we will send you a free trade pack, once you receive the trade pack; send us your device for free.

4-  Once we receive your device, we'll check it. And as soon as your device is checked, well make you the payment.

How much is my Apple iPhone 6 Plus worth?

iPhone 6 Plus selling price depends on the network it's locked on and whether it's faulty or a working mobile phone. iPhone 6 Plus second-hand price can be found out on our website once you provide us all the details of the mobile phone you have along with the condition, and details about which UK network it's locked on so that we can provide you with an instant free quote. Once satisfied with the quote we have provided, you can sell the iPhone 6 Plus to us with confidence.

Can I sell a broken Apple iPhone 6 Plus?

Yes, of course you can sell broken iPhone 6 Plus to Rapid Phone Buyer. In fact, we pay the highest amount in our industry for broken mobile phones as long as they are not beyond economical repair and can be sold after getting fixed, well buy them. Its always advisable to sell your old mobile phones rather than leaving them unattended to gather dust somewhere in the closet or a draw.

Can I sell an Apple iPhone 6 Plus if it’s a water damaged phone?

Although we buy faulty iPhone 6 Plus even if it has a broken screen, we do not buy any water damaged mobile phone. Liquid damaged mobile phones are classed as beyond economical repair.

How will I get Paid when I sell iPhone 6 Plus to Rapid Phone Buyer?

You can choose between getting paid by bank transfer and by getting paid by a cheque. We make instant payments. Most of the times they are within 12 hours of us receiving your mobile phone. Due to any reason we make you a reoffer and you do not accept it, your mobile phone is being sent back free of charge. Please read our terms for further details.