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iPhone 6 Plus

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Sell my iPhone 6 Plus

Sell your iPhone 6 Plus if it gathering dirt and you do not use it anymore. Rapid Phone Buyer has helped 1000s of customers recycle their old Apple iPhone 6 Plus from across UK. By selling your iPhone 6 Plus you will not only generate cash but will also play your part in keeping the environment clean. The price of old iPhone 6 Plus keeps on declining just as any other mobile phone. Especially in 2019 when there are so many new iPhones in the market the price has really depreciated. Trade-in prices for older models such as iPhone 6 Plus keeps on depreciating so it’s always recommended to sell your old mobile phone as soon as you no longer use it.  In September 2019 Apple launched its IOS 13 which won’t be compatible with iPhone 6 and that will put an end to support from Apple for iPhone 6. Hence it is recommended to sell it sooner than never. 

Sell your Broken iPhone 6 Plus

If you want to sell a broken iPhone 6 Plus you have come to the right place. We can buy your iPhone 6 Plus even if it has a cracked screen or has any other fault. Please check our how to delete guide which will help you delete all your data despite the screen not being functional without any difficulty.  Please make sure you delete all your data from your iPhone 6 Plus before sending it to us along with removing all passwords and accounts associated to your iPhone. 

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