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Sell your Samsung S6

Selling your Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge or S6 Edge+ couldn’t be easier with Rapid Phone Buyer. We currently offer the best possible prices for your device. Whether you are looking to selling fully working Samsung Galaxy S6 , Edge or Edge+ or faulty one, you can check our prices by clicking on your specific model/GB size above to get an instant quote. We guarantee all prices displayed so long as your device adheres to our terms and conditions, so rest assured, you can count on us to ensure you get the best price for your old Samsung S6. If in doubt, please check our TrustPilot ratings- or feel free to call us and talk to one of our friendly members of staff who are always keen to ensure we provide 100% satisfaction to all our customers (01482 427770 11am-6pm Mon-Sat). We make same day payments, offer free postage and free returns so you can count on us to help you sell your Samsung Galaxy S6.


The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge were first released on April 10, 2015 followed by the release of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ a few months later. First released, the Samsung Galaxy S6 models all can with the Android 5 “lollipop” operating and have currently updated to Android7 “nougat” operating system. Three options are available in regards to storage capacity (32GB, 64GB or 128GB) to meet all the requirements of Samsung customers but with no option to expand the storage. The Samsung Galaxy Edge+ was later released to make more use of its definitive curved edge screen. The LCD’s fitted to all Samsung Galaxy S6 models support a Quad HD Super AMOLED with a pixel resolution of 2560*1440 and fitted with toughened gorilla glass to ensure durability and damage resistance.

Sell my Broken SAMSUNG S6

Broken you Samsung Galaxy S6? Don’t worry because you can still sell your faulty S6 to Rapid Phone Buyer. We still offer the best faulty prices for your devices even if the device doesn’t turn on. So if you have a S6 edge with a cracked screen you are looking to sell or a Samsung S6 that will not switch on, we will still be able to purchase it. Simple click on your device listed above and click on the faulty option to get an instant valuation of your broken mobile phone.

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Let’s “Sell my Samsung S6”, if that’s what you are thinking then you are at the right place. We at Rapid phone buyer have developed a state of the art system which helps the customers to evaluate their device before sending it off. Selling your pre-owned Samsung s6 couldn’t be easier. Whether you are selling your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or are selling a Samsung S6, Rapid Phone buyer is your best choice and our customer feedback proves it. Selling your mobile phone with Rapid Phone Buyer is simple, hassle free and most of all it’s Rapid. Sell your phone today by searching for your device or if you are selling your Samsung S6 of or Samsung S6 Edge, simply click your devices’ GB size from the items listed above. Get the most money for your old device by selling it to us. We pay for the postage so it won’t cost you a penny. It’s quick, simple and hassle free and we have a direct contact number that you can contact us on (01482 427770 Mon-Fri11am-6pm) so if the is any doubt or any questions, call us now or send us an email to