Sell your old iPhone 6s for instant cash today before it loses more of its value. Choose your device from below, follow the simple process and sell today without hesitation just like 1000s before you have used us to sell their old iPhone.

Apple iPhone 6s

Apple iPhone 6s

Sell my iPhone 6s

If you have an iPhone 6s which you do not use any more than wait no longer and sell it before it also looses it Apple support just like its predecessor iPhone 6. Apple launched it newest IOS 13 on September 13 2019 and it doesn’t not support any iPhone 6 and the models before that but luckily it does support iPhone 6s. But the new version of Apple launched in 2019 have negatively impacted the selling price of Apple iPhone 6s. You should consider selling your iPhone 6s if you do not use it any more. We at Rapid Phone Buyer, buy iPhone 6s even if they are locked on to any UK network.  Before you sell you must be wondering "how much is my iPhone 6s worth", for that, you can provide us with all the details of your mobile phone, and we will provide you with an exact quote. If you are wondering how to "sell my iPhone 6s 16gb " or " sell my iPhone 6s 64gb ", which is faulty or broken, we can help you as we buy broken iPhones.

You can sell your broken iPhone 6s without any hesitation as we not only buy broken iPhone 6s but also try our best to offer highest price for your broken iPhone 6s. It doesn’t matter if your iPhone 6s has a smashed screen or any other fault. Sell it to us and we will pay instant cash once your iPhone 6s is checked and tested by our technicians. It is expected that iPhone 6s will lose almost 50% of its current value in another year or so. Hence you should seriously consider selling your iPhone 6s if you do not use it any more.   

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Sell my iPhone 6s

When introduced, the iPhone 6s caused a lot of excitement amount iPhone fans because they were already in love with the new shape of the iPhone 6. One of the significant upgrades Apple offered in iPhone 6s was the processing speed being upgraded from 1.4 GHz to 1.8 GHz along with RAM which was doubled in iPhone 6s. However, these upgrades weren't the main reason why fans were excited; the main attraction was the front camera having a "FaceTime HD" camera with a 5-megapixel sensor compared to a 1.2-megapixel camera on the older iPhone 6. Despite its massive success, the fans rushed to the newer version of the iPhone when it was released a year later in 2016. The camera upgrade was reported to be one of the main reasons why there are so many people who want to recycle the iPhone 6, which they do not use any more. However, Due to several newer models being introduced in the last few years the iPhone 6s resale value has dropped dramatically. If you have an iPhone 6s and want to sell it, check here for our latest quote.

How to sell your Apple iPhone 6s with

Before you recycle iPhone 6s with us, you must be wondering "how much can I sell my iPhone 6s for", well follow the following process, and it's simple!

1-  Select your device along with the network it's locked on and choose the data storage (GB).

2-  Check the quote and once agreed, provide us with your details.

3-  Print the label, or we will send you a free trade pack, once you receive the trade pack; send us your device for free.

4-  Once we receive your device, we'll check it. As soon as your device is checked and tested, well make you the payment either into your account or will send you a cheque.

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How much is my Apple iPhone 6s worth?

iPhone 6s selling price depends on the demand of the mobile phone. The value of the iPhone 6s keeps on declining, just like all other mobile phone devices. That's why it's always recommended to sell your old mobile phone as soon as you get an upgrade or don't need your old mobile phone. The answer to the question "how much is a 6s" is vague as it depends on several factors, including what UK network it's locked on and if its working or faulty iPhone 6s. Once you provide us with all the details, we will give you an instant quote, but please bear in mind that the iPhone 6s sale price declines over time. The reason why the iPhone 6s price is always falling is the fact that there are so many newer versions in the market of iPhone which provide much better value for money and make the demand for older version decline. However, having said all that we try our best to offer you the highest iPhone 6s trade in price in the UK. Please check the links below if you want to sell any of the models of the iPhone 6s. The price quotes are the same for all colours so if you are selling iPhone 6s rose gold you will be quoted the same as if you were selling a grey iPhone 6s.

Can I sell a broken Apple iPhone 6s?

Yes, you can sell broken iPhone 6s to Rapid Phone Buyer. As long as you mobile phone is not beyond economical repair we will buy it.

Can I sell an Apple iPhone 6s if it’s the water damage?

You can sell your iPhone 6s if it's faulty, but we do not accept a water damaged mobile phone as there isn't any iPhone 6s resale value if its water damaged.

Why use Rapid Phone Buyer?

If you have an iPhone 6s for sale, you can use Rapid Phone Buyer with confidence as we keep a keen eye on the market trends and try our best to offer you the highest quote in the market.