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Sell iPhone X

Sell Apple iPhone X

Sell my iPhone X

Are you looking to sell your Apple iPhone X? If yes, you have come to the right place.  Launched to commemorate the iPhone series' tenth anniversary, the iPhone X was a huge gamble for Apple but one that ultimately paid off. Boasting a great screen, strong design features, and a powerful camera, the iPhone X is still very much in demand with tech fans today.

This means that if you are hoping for lots of cash for your iPhone X, you won't be disappointed. That being said, if you want to sell iPhone X for the highest price possible, you need to know when to sell it and who to sell it to. 

Can I sell my Broken iPhone X?

Many companies refuse to buy broken iPhones, but, fortunately, we are not one of them. We will buy any broken or damaged iPhone X (as long as it is not water damaged) and refurbish it so that it can be used again as a second-hand device. If you are looking to sell a broken iPhone X, you should know that the more damage your phone has, the less it will be worth. However, at least you will be getting some money for an otherwise discarded device. Whether your iPhone X has a broken screen, the speaker doesn't work, the buttons are broken, or a combination of all of the above, we will give you the best possible quote on any given day. 

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