Sell Broken Mobile Phones

Getting your mobile phone broken is quite normal especially the new smartphones. When you have a broken mobile phone, you might get it repaired or sell your broken mobile phone. Broken mobile phones can be sold and mobile phone recycling companies often buy them so that they can be recycled and resold.
If you are wondering where can I “recycle my broken mobile phone” you have come to the right place.

Can I sell my broken mobile phone?

Yes! You can sell broken mobile phones and that includes mobile phones with cracked screen and scratches. Just select faulty on the device page and follow the process. The process of selling your broken mobile phone is exactly the same as selling a working mobile phone. The only difference is in the price. Although we cannot buy all broken mobile phones but you can always recycle them for free.

recycle broken phones

What is a broken mobile phone?

A broken or faulty mobile phone means the mobile phone does not perform as a working device or it might have a physical damage. The most popular faults in devices can be seen below. You can sell your faulty and broken mobile phone to us. Just select faulty on the product page.

no power

Doesn't power on

faulty buttons

Faulty buttons & keys

Caracked screen

Cracked screen

faulty battery

Faulty or missing battery

marks and dents

Excess scratches, dents or chips

broken sim reader

Broken SIM gate or reader

faulty speaker

Broken microphone or speakers

corrupt software

Corrupt operating system

Why should I recycle my broken phone?

Its everyone’s responsibility to keep the environment clean. Every smartphone now a days contains rare earth elements which are very expensive to extract and are considered as very valuable resources. Currently there are more than 7.8 billion mobile phones which means the number of mobile phones has exceeded the number of people in the world. By recycling our old mobile phone, we are playing our part in keeping the environment clean and making sure these mobile phones do not end up in a landfill instead they are given a new life.

What happens after I recycle my broken mobile phone?

There are three different possibilities which depend on the age and condition of your mobile phone. If the broken mobile phone you have sent is not BER (beyond economical repair) and can be fixed and resold, there are chances that the mobile phone will be fixed and resold again. This is the most common way of recycling old mobile phones. It not only yields best possible price for your broken smartphone but also decreases demand of one new mobile phone. That’s why it’s always recommended to sell your mobile phone as soon as you no longer need it even if its broken. If the mobile phone is BER then your broken mobile phone might be used for parts harvesting. Parts harvesting means that these mobile phones are used for parts as despite them being broken and faulty some parts might be useful to fix other broken mobile phones. If the mobile phone is old and can’t be revived economically and the parts can’t be used either, the mobile phone is stripped into small parts so that different metals and plastic can be separated and can be reused in manufacturing of other devices.
Selling your broken mobile phone is easy and simple with Rapid Phone Buyer. We have a dedicated repair centre where all broken mobile phones are either bought back to life or are used for parts harvesting. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding selling you broken mobile phone.