Samsung s8 vs Appel's iPhone 8: which one's better!

Samsung galaxy s8 and iPhone 8 did make much stir when they were announced. Apple being too secretive about their newer models, it was anticipated that the newer iPhone 8 would amaze Apple fans, but according to many, it was an utter disappointment even at the time of its launch. The DNA of the design was taken from the old iPhone 6 model, and there were almost no new features to amaze its users. There were also some useful features which will be discussed later in this post but looking at the performance of both models after few years after them being launched; it can clearly be stated that galaxy s8 did beat iPhone 8 on many fronts. Both Samsung and iPhone released bigger versions of both models to capture the big-screen fans market, and they did pretty well. Although it seems like the iPhone missed the point and did not take into consideration how important it is to make sure that the mobile phone could be operated by one hand. Samsung, on the other hand, addressed this issue very well and designed Samsung galaxy s8+ in such a way that it was much easier for the user to use the mobile phone with one hand. Samsung s8 sale features can't be matched with them of iPhone 8's because both mobile phones are of different worlds and a comparison would be just unjust. 


Samsung s8 amazed its users because it had a fantastic design. There is no doubt about the fact that same were the feeling when iPhone 7 and Samsung s7 were released, and users liked the design and feel of Samsung s8 much more than that of iPhone 7. 


In the new generation of smartphones, display plays a significant role, Samsung has introduced mobile phones without any bezel which changed the game. iPhone 8 is identical to the iPhone 7 in which the bezel and sides of the screen can be a screen whereas Samsung has made the screen in curved design where screen melts into the bezel and offers a fantastic experience of using a mobile phone that is stunning in design. Display-wise S8 leaves iPhone 8 far behind without a doubt. The same is the case with Samsung s8+, and it left iPhone 8 Plus far behind.


Comparing both cameras is the most challenging task as both equipped with excellent cameras. One provides better features in one thing whereas the other ones better in some other features.


In s8, Samsung continued its wireless charging capability, whereas iPhone 8 was the first mobile phone in which Apple introduced wireless charging. As far as the battery time is concerned, iPhone 8 gives 9.54 Hours whereas Samsung S8 gives slightly more 10.39 hours, but plus models of both mobile phones give almost the same sort of time. However, it's much easier to replace the battery on a used iPhone 8 as compared to a Samsung Galaxy s8 and Samsung Galaxy s8 Plus. 


You can buy phones which have some manufacturers support let on them and have not reached the end of their product life cycle. Hence you can buy iPhone 8 and Samsung galaxy s8 in 2019 without any hesitation. When you sell Samsung s8, you still get a decent offer as long as the screen is not broken or there isn't another fault on the mobile phone. When you sell iPhones with faults or a broken screen, they fetch more money as compared to a broken Samsung Galaxy s8 due to the expensive screen repair. You should always trade-in the phone for cash even if they are broken before they lose more of their value. iPhone recycling for mobile phone recyclers is always much more profitable as compared to Samsung recycling. If you have an iPhone for sale and are wondering if you should sell it or not, sell the iPhone as soon as you no longer use it because with time it depreciates. Despite not being offered much money for your broken Samsung s8 you should still consider mobile recycle option for broken mobile phones, at least you would get something and play your part in keeping the environment clean. 

Are you buying Samsung s8 or iPhone 8 in 2019?

Everyone, at some point, wants to know where I can sell my tech or recycle my mobile? Well online is the favourite place for 1000s of customers to sell their old tech. Especially if you are selling your latest gadgets, for instance, you can easily find someone to buy Samsung s8 online, especially mobile phone recycling companies. Even if you have an iPhone 8 plus for sale with a broken screen, a mobile phone recycling company can pay you the right amount of cash. And in 2019 if you have an iPhone 8 for sale, you will defiantly get right amount for it because the difference between the iPhone X series and iPhone 8 is not much, and the users still want to get their hands on iPhone 8 especially after the release of iPhone 11 the price has become much more affordable of iPhone 8. Many sellers are offering refurbished iPhone 8 and refurbished iPhone 8 plus at a much lower price than what it was when it got launched. 

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