Samsung Galaxy s7 vs iPhone 7 : an unjust comparison

Both Samsung Galaxy S8 and Appel's iPhone 8 were launched in 2018, and at the time of their launch they were classed as the most advanced mobile phones by both manufacturers, and that is one of the reasons why most of the mobile phone enthusiast were really looking forward to the launch of the two mobile phones. The reviews at the time of the launch can be said to be much different as compared to the ones which are conducted after a few years as all the sales figures and user experience reviews can be taken into account o conduct a much more detailed analysis. Samsung not just released Samsung Galaxy S7 it also released the Samsung galaxy s7 edge, which was the primary model of the Samsung s7 series. The time of release was pretty tricky for both manufacturers as it was anticipated that if you wait a few more months, Apple will release iPhone 8, which would be a complete makeover of iPhone design. And both Samsung and Apple were fit by much cheaper models by One Plus, LG and Huawei. Despite it's been a few years since Apple released its iPhone 7 still many used mobile phone companies still have iPhone 7 for sale. Apple did not launch iPhone 7 by its own it followed its footprints and launched a much bigger model with its iPhone 7 Plus. There are still used iPhone 7 and refurbished iPhone 7 plus available in the market as both mobile phones work pretty good on the latest iOS 13. 

Design & Display

When it comes to design, Samsung, in most cases has managed to leave Apple far behind. Its everything, design, feels, the material used, Samsung has spent extra time in making sure the mobile phone has the sleekest look and feel. Whereas the iPhone 7 design is just like that of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s with minimal changes. The Samsung galaxy s7 edge has a very outstanding design. Apple's iPhone 7 has been dubbed as a fingerprints magnet, with its matt finish, it manages to get tons of fingerprint impressions which user keeps on getting rid of.

As far as display is concerned, Samsung beats the iPhone big time. Samsung AMOLED display amazes its users whereas iPhone 7's screen is just as good as iPhone 6 display. The difference between the screen of both mobile phones makes a huge difference. That is why there are not that many refurbished Samsung galaxy s7 in the market as compared to refurbished iPhone 7. 

Battery and charging

Samsung S7 can be charged using state of the art wireless charging, whereas iPhone 7 does not offer this amazing feature. In a screen brightness test, Samsung can give over 17 hours, whereas iPhone dies of within 13 hours, so even here, Samsung beat the iPhone.


Both mobile phones have amazing cameras, iPhone 7 in our test was able to deal with the sky and low light conditions better, but in other fronts such as imager colour sharpness and contrast Samsung was way better than iPhone.


Samsung Galaxy software was much better at the time of its launch, but it had different variation of processors depending on where you buy it from, and it also offered users to increase memory through the memory slot whereas iPhone's has its state of the art A10 processor and Apple claims its 40% faster than previous processor A9 which was introduced in iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.  


Phone trade-in value keeps on declining depending on the demand of the mobile phone. Every mobile phone gets less desirable when a newer and more advanced model is launched. Used iPhone tends to stay in the market much longer than a Samsung as the screen replacement on an iPhone 7 is much cheaper as compared to a Samsung that's why too many iPhone 7 in refurbished condition are available. Refurbished iPhone 7 also ends up fetching a better price as the repair cost is far less. 

The same applies to the iPhone 7 plus. If you have an iPhone 7 plus for sale and it's broken it will fetch far more than a Samsung s7 edge plus. iPhone recycling is always several folds better for recycling companies compared to Samsung recycling. Samsung galaxy s7 edge refurbished is very rare to find because the screen price for them phones is most of the time high than a second-hand mobile phone. We as a mobile phones recycling company would not buy a broken Samsung s7 edge although we buy phones, they can't be beyond economical repair. But one can sell iPhone 7 with a broken screen to us as we know, we can refurbish it and still make a profit on it as a business. All those companies who buy broken phones would pay you very less for a broken s7 edge. If you try searching "sell my phone for cash" you would struggle to find any company whom you can sell Samsung s7 edge with a broken screen but almost all mobile recycling companies will be happy to buy iPhone 7.  

Shall I sell my phone online? Well, its always recommended to benefit from online services, it saves time and hassle of selling a mobile phone to a shop. But if you have a family member whom you can sell used iPhone 7 plus or iPhone 7 in used condition you should consider selling them as they might offer you the highest price. But you have to buy an iPhone 7 plus, make sure there isn't any bent in the body as it might affect the functionality of the mobile phone especially the signals.

Can I recycle my phone is it's broken and no ones willing to pay anything for it? Yes, you can always recycle for free with most mobile phone recycling companies even if trade-in phone price offered is low or zero. 

Samsung galaxy s7 edge trade in price offered by almost all major mobile phone recycling companies is much more promising than iPhone 7 trade in price one of the reasons is better product life cycle of Samsung mobile phones. Although the price you are offered when you sell second hand Samsung s7 with a cracked screen is much lower than when you sell iPhone 7 plus or send iPhone 7 to recycle if the screen is broken and that is due to expensive screen repairs of Samsung mobile phones. Samsung galaxy s7 selling price is also better because after the launch of iPhone 11, iPhone 7 trade in value has depreciated severely.

Many recyclers do not offer any price when you sell cracked Samsung s7 edge to them as its not economical to fix the screen and resell it on a profit. Although when you sell iPhone 7 128gb even with a cracked screen, you get a good amount of cash as iPhone screens are cheaper to get fixed and recyclers can easily get then fixed and sell them on a profit. That’s why broken iPhone 7 selling is advertised heavily as compared to Samsung S7 recycling.

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