Samsung Galaxy s6 vs Apples iPhone 6: Which one's better and did well!


There isn’t a real comparison between iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy s6. Both are made for different people with an different mindset. Both the mobile phones created a stir among its users when they were launched back in 2015. Both mobile phones which carefully crafted by their designers and were much more advanced in their functionality when compared with their predecessors. But when looked back in 2019, Samsung S6 won the race of comparison, especially when it comes to external design and quality of the screen. Apple dragged the shape and design of iPhone 6 till it’s very latest iPhone 8 whereas Samsung made considerable changes and gave new life to every model by making changes in the design since the launch of Samsung Galaxy S6. Although Samsung did not manage to sell a lot of Samsung s6 Plus iPhone did, and it wasn’t perceived well as it was much wider than a normal hand. Whereas Samsung s6 plus was narrower and easy on hands. There was another considerable difference which was the fragile housing of iPhone 6 Plus, which was easy to get bend if one happens to sit on it. That is one of the reasons why there are not that many refurbished iPhones 6 plus in the market because it damaged the motherboard inside and made it not economically feasible to get repaired. 

Companies who buy old phones pay more for a Samsung s6 and if you check how much for my phone, iPhone 6 on their websites, it would be much less than Samsung S6 Edge. However, those mobile phone recycling companies who offer broken phones for cash programes, offer much more for an iPhone 6 as compared to a Samsung s6 because iPhone 6 can easily be refurbished as compared to Samsung s6. Although there is much money for broken phones, there is almost no money when you sell Samsung s6 with a broken screen due to expensive screen repair. 

Comparing charging capabilities of Samsung s6 and iPhone 6

Samsung introduced wireless charging in its Samsung S6 model, and it was the game-changer, everyone on android was amazed and wanted to get a Samsung S6 and enjoy the benefits whereas Apple stuck to its normal charring. 

Bigger, higher resolution screen

When it comes to the screen, Samsung has left being Apple on so many fronts. There is no doubt that the screen resolution of a Samsung is much better than Apple, and the size of the screen is well thought of than iPhone too. There have been many independent studies which suggest that Samsung screens are much better than Apple. Another fantastic feature Samsung introduced in Samsung Galaxy S6 was the way the screen was curved in its Samsung s6 Edge model melting into the housing without giving an impression as if there was any housing. 

A massive ecosystem of compatible cases and accessories

One of the essential things is accessories which go with the new mobile phone. Apple introduces far fewer models than Samsung, and another mobile phone manufacturer hence the accessories maker in China happily make a vast range of accessories which go with Apple mobile phone as compared to Samsung mobile phones and users always have the option to buy much fancier cases and other compatible accessories for Apple mobile phone. 

Wondering why I should sell my old mobile if it’s still working!

Used iPhone holds the money until an update comes which cant cater to the old version, but Samsung pretty much holds its price for much longer when the mobile phone reaches the end of its life state. 

You should recycle old phones once you have upgraded so that you can benefit from a better offer. 

Moreover, if you own a faulty mobile phone, you should sell a mobile phone before it gets out of the market. Wondering who buys phones with faults, well we happen to be one of the mobile phone recycling companies who happily buy broken mobile phones. Moreover, in some models, we offer the best mobile trade-in prices.

The fate of iPhone 6s would be the same as of iPhone 6. You should be looking forward to sell your iPhone 6s before the new major update is released by Apple because Apple won't let the new iOS to work on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus. Apple iPhone 6s trade-in would depreciate and all models would be much cheaper than £100 mark in less than a year. That’s one of the reasons if you have an iPhone 6s for sell and aren’t using it then you should be looking forward to sell used iPhone 6s. You should recycle iPhone 6s 16gb because of the memory. Despite the mobile phone capable of running the latest Ios 13, the low internal memory and incapability of the mobile phone to get upgraded makes it less desirable and hence the demand. Over the years iPhone users have realised how frustrating it can be when the mobile phone users aren’t able to upgrade the memory of their mobile phone.  Online mobile phone recycling company can be said to the best place to sell your old mobile phones without any hassle.  Apple iPhone 7 trade-in price has also been affected after the release of iPhone 11 along with iPhone 7 plus trade in price. If you have low budget then you can also utilise the option to trade in iPhone 6 for iPhone 7 as it's still much faster and better than ageing iPhone 6.  Trade in iPhone 6 for 7 would require much less amount of cash as compared to switching from iPhone 6 to iPhone 8. The most successful model which is pretty good as fat as functionality is concerned in 2019 is iPhone 8. If you want to sell iPhone 8, you can sell it at a good price. And if you are wondering can I sell my iPhone 8 with a broken screen, the answer is yes, and we buy broken mobile phones. iPhone 8 trade-in is pretty stable but it's falling due to the buss about new iPhone which would be probably 5G.

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