Samsung Galaxy s3 mini VS Samsung Galaxy s4 Mini

You just have to send Samsung galaxy s3 mini handset only to sell. Samsung galaxy s3 mini was launched with Samsung s3 in 2012 and since then it has been used by millions. Over the time Samsung s3 mini was replaced by its users in favour of newer and better mobile phones. And due to advancements in technology s3 mini price has been on a decline.  Second hand Samsung galaxy s3 mini is still bale to fetch some cash as  s3 mini still can perform basic tasks of a mobile phone.

Best price Samsung galaxy s3 mini is offered when you sell it to us. Yes, you can still sell Samsung Galaxy s3 mini in 2019. It does not matter if you have bought a pay as you go Samsung galaxy s3 mini price of Samsung galaxy s3 mini does not change if it has some slight marks as the mobile phone is old and we do expect it to have some marks of usage.


How much are Samsung galaxy s3 mini in 2019?

Well, please check the s3 mini page and you will be amazed to know we are still paying cash for s3 mini. Many of those who have not used Samsung galaxy s3 mini. Question is the Samsung galaxy s3 mini a good phone, and the answer is simple yes of course even today 6 years after being resealed the mobile phone is capable of doing most tasks, although not as fast as one would like it to be.  Samsung galaxy mini s3 is smaller than the original Samsung S3 but at the time of its release, many users thought a mobile phone should not be as big as Samsung s3 and opted for much smaller version i.e Samsung mini s3. Samsung galaxy s3 mini i8190 stayed in the market much longer than its product life cycle because the mobile phone was much easier for the recyclers to refurbish as in 2013 mobile phone recyclers reverse-engineered the process of refurbishing the screen of Samsung s3 mini.  difference between s3 and s3 mini is mainly of the screen size. If you want to sell unlocked Samsung galaxy s3 mini sell it today as we do not quote less for locked mobile phones. 


Samsung galaxy s4 mini has been from the same family as Samsung s4. Samsung also launched other versions with Samsung s4 and Samsung s4 mini, one was called the Samsung s4 zoom whereas the other one was launched as Samsung s4 active. Samsung s4 series has been one of the most successful series launched by Samsung as the giant was able to sell more than 50 million devices. Samsung galaxy s4mini had the same specifications as Samsung s4 but just was a pocket-friendly mobile phone. In 2019 there is not even one mobile phone of that size being manufactured by Samsung even the new Samsung A10 series and other A-series mobile phones which are being launched for budget smartphone users are of a much bigger size. Galaxy mini s4 is much better in most of its specifications as compared to Samsung s3 mini. At the time of its release, many questioned if there was any need for this mobile phone to be launched as there was already a Samsung s3 and in the days there wasn’t any need for high-performance chipset and RAM. Samsung galaxy s4 mini is not a full HD mobile phone but the display is still much better than that of Samsung s3 mini.  After s4 mini release, the mobile phone was priced as £360 as a pay as you go Samsung galaxy s4 mini. Samsung galaxy s4 mini price has been declining since its first launch especially in the last few years because there have been so many smartphones launched by Samsung which are much more powerful. s4 mini price is really low at the moment because it's been almost 8 years since the mobile phone was first launched.


Second hand Samsung galaxy s4 mini is still available as an alternative to budget smartphones. You can buy the Samsung s4 mini for as little as £20.  The surprising fact is the fact that the galaxy s4 mini price is low and the mobile phone is able to do so much as a mobile phone in 2019. In 2019, the s4 mini camera seems to be pretty basic compared to the generation of high-fi mobile phones available in the market. Most of Samsung Galaxy s4 mini reviews classed it as an amazing mobile phone with virtually no prominent drawbacks. Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini comes offering the now-standard black and white, with a metallic band wrapping around the edge of the frame. Samsung s4 mini price can be checked if you want to sell your s4 mini to Rapid Phone Buyer. 

Although Samsung s3 mini and Samsung s4 mini are great mobile phones they have reached the end of their life as new applications need a lot more RAM and high performing processors to perform most tasks. Over the years the amount of these phones coming in for recycling has declined dramatically although we witness many Samsung S6 recycle requests along with Samsung S7 recycle requests. Samsung s6 trade-in value along with Samsung s7 trade-in value is also pretty promising in 2019. These two mobile phones are great mobile phones even in 2019 as most of the applications offered on app store work absolutely fine and the value for money for these two mobile phones is amazing. Which keeps the demand for these mobile phones high, hence mobile phone recyclers are in a position to offer good price for them when they come for recycling. 

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