Samsung A10 review

Samsung realized the importance of the low-cost mobile phone market and launched Samsung J and A series back in 2015, which was at least 5 times cheaper than the flagship Galaxy series. The launch of the Samsung J and A series helped Samsung capture the budget smartphone customers market without any problem. In 2015, Samsung’s global market share was 21.6%  whereas due to careful targeting of budget smartphones market, it has been successful in capturing a more significant market share which has sore to 31.47% in 2019. These figures clearly show that Samsung has been putting much effort into understanding the needs of the majority of mobile phone users who cannot afford the high-end models every year especially in an environment where most of the countries around the world a witnessing their economies shrink.

Samsung has also been a pioneer in mobile phone display technology. Its no doubt a market leader in understanding mobile phone displays. The success of Samsung can be understood by the fact that Apple relies on Samsung when it comes to its displays, and Samsung officially manufactures all iPhone displays. Samsung has used its extensive R&D in the arena of the mobile phone display and has launched several new budget smart mobile phones, bringing the price of a new smartphone lower than the £100 mark.


Samsung has put an end to its famous Samsung J3, Samsung J5, Samsung J7, and Samsung A3, Samsung A5, Samsung A7 series. The introduction of the Samsung A 2019 series has introduced a full new family of Samsung mobile phones which are primarily launched to address the low-end smarts phone market. To understand the series, let’s see what’s being launched.

Samsung A10

Samsung A30

Samsung A60

Samsung A20

Samsung A40

Samsung A70

Samsung A20e

Samsung A50

Samsung A80


As the model goes up the specification increases, capacity, memory, battery, and camera quality gets better along with the price tag of course. It can be said that Samsung has realized that launching new models with the same name just a different year confuses the customers and, in this day, and age no one likes to be more confused than they already are. Hence it seems like Samsung had dropped the idea of launching mobile phones such as Samsung j3 2015, Samsung J3 2016, Samsung J3 2017, etc., and has just decided to launch new mobile phones with more comfortable to remember names without creating any confusions.

Let’s start with the real core of the post and take a closer look at the performance and features offered in Samsung A10.




155.6 x 75.6 x 7.9 168mm



Octa-core Exynos 7884B


6.2" Infinity-V Display


LTE Cat.20


One Rear:


One Front:



32GB + 2GB RAM

Micro SD slot (up to 512GB)




Look & Feel

It’s a stylish mobile phone and does not raise any eyebrows as far as the looks and style of the mobile phone is concerned, of course, it does not meet exceed the expectations of a Samsung s10 user but is defiantly a decent mobile phone. Keeping in view the price difference between Samsung’s flagship models such as Samsung Galaxy s9 and Samsung Galaxy S10 the A10 does not compete with the whether it’s the look and feel of the mobile, or it’s performance. The Galaxy models such as Samsung s9 and Samsung s10 are entirely based on the glass back with metal bezel, whereas Samsung A10 is more like a full mobile phone in plastic. However, again, it’s something which is understood as there is at least 5 times price difference. When we checked Samsung s10 was sold a £699, and Samsung A10 was mere £139 at Argos. Although the selling price of the used Samsung A10 is far less. If you want to sell Samsung A10 in used condition, you can check its latest price here.

One of the main things which play a vital role in a mobile phone look and feel is the display. Samsung A10 is equipped with Samsung’s signature Infinity display which is its latest technology after AMOLED displays. Samsung’s Infinity display was first launched in Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, and since then Samsung has used these screens on every mobile phone. Its large screen and curved sides create an incredibly immersive viewing experience because it covers nearly the entire front of the phone as it stretches from one edge to the other. The Infinity Display then curves to meet the back, forming a fluid, symmetrical shape that comfortably fits your hand.

There is no doubt about the sharp resolution of the screen, but there have been reports of the screen getting screen burn after some serious use, and unfortunately, the Samsung warranty does not cover this defect which is caused by normal usage over time. We hope that this issue has been resolved in the new Samsung A series. 

Power & Performance

A processor no doubt plays a vital role in the performance of any mobile phone, but it always works in combination with the RAM. There is no doubt that Samsung A10 has an excellent processor (Octa-core Exynos 7884B), but at the same time, the fact that it has a mere 2GB Ram in it makes it look much slower than flagship models such as Samsung s10. To give you a better understanding Samsung s10 has 12GB of RAM whereas A10 is just equipped with 2GB of RAM but having said that even 2GB is good enough for everyday usage unless you plan to play or use hefty apps just launched for high-end mobile phones.

Another thing that makes A10 good is that it is equipped with the latest version of Android.  

Key Features

 The mobile Phone accepts SD cards up to 512GB, which is much better for those who might need a mobile phone with more significant storage.

It does not have a fingerprint sensor, but the advanced face recognition feature is installed on this mobile phone. 

Samsung has learned from Appel's mistake of removing the headphone jack, so all Samsung mobile phones still come with a 3.5 headphone jack which is a good thing for most mobile phone users. 

Camera Power

Mobile Phone camera plays a significant role in getting a mobile phone mass sold. For instance, one of the main reasons why Huawei has captured a large market share in the last two years is the quality of the pictures being taken by Huawei mobile phones. Samsung A10 is equipped with a good camera, but it's not a fantastic camera. To understand the quality, there is a brief comparison of the Samsung A10 camera with the Samsung s10 camera.



Samsung s10

Camera Features


Digital Zoom, Auto Flash, Face detection, Touch to focus

10 x Digital Zoom, Auto Flash, Face detection, Touch to focus

Image Resolution

4128 x 3096 Pixels

4000 x 3000 Pixels



Dual Pixel autofocus

Shooting Modes

Continuous Shooting, High Dynamic Range mode (HDR)

Continuous Shooting, High Dynamic Range mode (HDR)


5 MP Front Camera

10 MP Front Camera

Physical Aperture



Optical Image Stabilisation



Video Recording

1920x1080 @ 30 fps

3840x2160 @ 30 fps


Battery Life

To understand battery life, you have to check your usage and the mobile phone it in. For instance, a mobile phone with a bigger RAM and more powerful processor should be expected to drain out the battery much quicker as compared to a mobile phone with relatively smaller RAM and a smaller processor. These two components, along with the display a vital role in the rate at which battery is being drained out from a mobile phone. Samsung A10 is equipped with a 3400mAh battery which can be said to be a powerful battery. It is the same capacity as of Samsung s10 with a much smaller processor and RAM. According to Samsung, it should give you a talk time of up to 21 hours.

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