Rise and fall of iPhone 6

At the time of its release, iPhone 6 was one of the most talked-about mobile phones. With complete design rethink, Apple amazed its customers by offering a new design as compared to its iPhone 5. The new design was so well perceived that Apple continued it until its far latest iPhone 8 series. But its often debated that Apple stretched it bit too much than first anticipated and did not take any notice of design advancements by its competitors. The start of the iPhone 6 was fantastic, without a doubt. More than ten million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices were sold in the first three days, another Apple record. During its lifespan, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sold 220 million in total, which makes them the bestselling iPhone models, so far, and one of the most successful phones to date. However, there have been so many newer and more advanced models after iPhone 6 that it has lost its charm and has reached the end of its life. That's why when you sell iPhone 6 in 2019, it won't attract any decent price. 

Understanding iPhones life cycle

Just like human beings, every product has a life cycle. It's born, it grows, it matures, and then it just dies. The same happens with mobile phones. Although the product life cycle of the iPhone is much shorter than any other electronic gadget in the market. That's why most mobile phone commentators recommend selling a mobile phone before it has reached the end of its life cycle. There are always "old phones for cash" schemes going on, but the amount of money offered on trade-in mobile phone schemes depends on the point where the mobile phone is in its product life cycle. 

Apple has been pushing its older iPhones to end of their life cycle by stopping support for them. For instance, the support for iPhone 5c was stopped when iPhone 6 was released, and the same has been happening with all rest of the iPhone models. Used iPhone has a short span in a mature stage of its life cycle because every year a newer model is launched and few months before the launch of the new model, the iPhone starts reaching its declining product state where the price keeps on falling. Due to the short life span, you should consider selling your phone as soon as you have stopped using it or have upgraded to a newer version. 

One of the most important reasons which literally kills the iPhone 6 are the end of support and inability to upgrade the latest iOS on it. The most recent iOS 13 isn't iPhone 6 friendly, meaning it is impossible to use iOS 13 on the newest iPhone 6 which has severely impacted the value of iPhone 6. The inability of using newer iOS will not be able to enjoy new functions offered by Apple such as the dim screen and absolutely new maps application. Readers might be wondering can I still "sell my iPhone" if it can't get a software upgrade and the answer is yes, but the offer price would be much less than what you would have been offered if the new software update was possible. Value of iPhone 6 in used condition has slashed several folds after the launch of iOS 13, and the same case has happened to used iPhone 6 plus as both are of the same family. Although iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s have made the cut and they are still reusable, and users of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus can install a newer version of iOS 13 and enjoy the latest application advancements. Due to the end of product life cycle using the iPhone loses its value and phone buyers are hesitant to buy them. When you buy iPhone, make sure its compatible with the latest iOS else you should be paying far less for it. 

Will refurbished iPhone 6 be still available and can I sell my mobile (iPhone 6) in 2019 if it's broken?

Yes, and yes, refurbished iPhone 6 will still be available for you to buy in fact there would be many people selling old mobile phones as they want to experience newer iOS. So you don't have to worry about if someone will buy my iPhone or not. Trade-in phone price much is far less if its not compatible with the latest iOS 13. You can always sell your iPhone if it's usable which means still ale to run and function as a mobile phone and does not hang up whilst doing basic tasks, for instance, it would be really impossible to sell iPhone 4 in 2019 as it can't function anymore as a mobile phone. As a user, you should always sell old iPhone before it loses its value to the point that there isn't any point of selling it. Most of the mobile phone trade-in programs do not pay the desired amount once the mobile phone is out of manufacturers to support program and is unable to facilitate the latest operating system. But using the internet, you can always find someone who is buying phones for cash.

As stated, earlier cash for old phones is offered depending on where do they stand in their product life cycle. Basic mobile phones such as Samsung E1100 is a basic £10 mobile phone and is still a popular mobile phone with basic mobile phones functionality, in fact, it's the most sold mobile phone by Samsung till date. 

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