Make your WIFI signal stronger

The tricks and techniques used to make your WIFI signal stronger depend on the mobile phone you are using. Although according to most industry reports, more than 80% of mobile phones used all over the world are either by Samsung or Apple. Buts some tips and techniques can be applied to all mobile phones irrespective of their make.

For Apple Mobile Phones

In iPhones, it is common to have a weaker WIFI signal after you have been using your mobile phone for a few years. Constant use of WIFI for a prolonged period makes the WIFI chip on your mobile phone weaker and a time comes when it stops working. Until iPhone 7, most of the WIFI chips can be replaced by a qualified technician. Whenever you buy an iPhone, do not buy an iPhone for America, due to a changed firmware and chipset the WIFI does not tend to work correctly with European signals. At the same time, it's difficult for European iPhones to pick u signals from American hardware. Although this problem has not been reported with Android devices.
You can always buy a WIFI booster and use that to boost the WIFI signals so that it's easy for your mobile phone to pick up the signals. But upgrading your firmware to latest IOS definitely helps.

For Android Mobile Phones including Samsung

By following simple steps below can allow you to enjoy high-speed WIFI on your android mobile phone. Unlike the iPhone, most of the Android mobile phones do not incur a WIFI chip problem, and most of the issues can be resolved by taking the following simple steps.

1.    Learn which Wi-Fi access point is the best.

     You can change the Wi-Fi access point to see which one provides you with better results.

2.    Check if your phone case is blocking the signal.

     It's often the case that your case is blocking the signals primarily if the metal is used in your mobile phone case or it has a silver coating on it which does not allow the messages to penetrate and enter the mobile phone. Try removing the case and restarting your mobile phone.

3.    Put your router in the perfect spot.

     The distance and location of your WIFI router also make a huge difference, try putting it in the centre of the property in an open place rather than in a closed closet.

4.    Switch the Wi-Fi frequency band.
Switching WIFI frequency band to 5 GHz will defiantly make a difference if it's not already on 5 GHz. Follow the following steps to change it to 5 GHz.

•    Go to Settings > Wi-Fi.

•    Go to 'Advanced settings'.

•    Tap on 'Wi-Fi frequency band'.

•    Now select 5 GHz only.

5.    Update your radio or firmware.

     If your mobile phone is an old smartphone using an old version o Android, you need to get it upgraded. It's advisable to get it updated by a mobile phone expert as you might end up damaging the baseband firmware which at times is hard to get fixed or repaired.