Life of a broken mobile phone


Mobile phones travel all over the world. For instance, if you carefully read many of Phones have written on the back, "Designed in California made in China. Well just as it made in China most of the times, it ends up in China too. Once a mobile phone is manufactured, which in most cases is China, it travels to different parts of the world. And then it is sold used, and when it reaches the end of its product life. All this happens pretty quickly. The maximum life cycle of an iPhone is three years and after that nobody really wants it because of slow processing and advancements in technology make it less desirable mobile phone. Wise iPhone users always sell old phones before they read the end of their product life cycle when the mobile phone starts being considered as a burden rather than a necessity and a luxury. If you carefully observe the trends of mobile phone sale offers, you will know how quickly a mobile phone loses its value. A recent example can be said to be iPhone 8. Apple slashed its price by $150 within a day in September when iPhone 11 was being launched. Although iPhone 8 is less than a year old, it has already lost $150 on a brand new phone from Apple's website. The case of used mobile phones is much worst. 

What really happens to a broken mobile phone

There are many mobile phones recycling companies which offer cash for old phones and you can 

Sell broken phones to them too. We buy phones, and as a recycling company, we even buy broken mobile phones. But we buy them so that they can be fixed, refurbished and sold back to the consumers. But there are many mobile recycling companies in China who do not buy mobile phones to get them fixed. The buy used iPhones and other mobile phones to strip them down to component level and take valuable metals out from them and reuse them. But one cannot sell the iPhone to them individually. You can sell your phone to a local recycler who will further on-sell it to metal recyclers. Most of the recyclers do not get their hands dirty with these types of mobile phones because the recovery of their investment is slow and very low due to high wages in the UK. 

Currently used iPhone 7 has a year or two the most and after that most of them end up somewhere in Asia waiting for their turn to be stripped down and melted again into different metals they are made of. That's why when you trade-in the mobile phone you are offered much more if the product has a few years in its product life cycle. 

However, it's not too late to recycle mobile phones; there is always someone looking for mobile phones for scrap, just like cars. But the difference is in most cases, and vehicles have a considerable amount of metal being used in them whereas the mobile phone contains far less amount of metal in them. 

Mobile recycle service is for several reasons such as:

Parts harvesting

For precious metals

For refurbishment and repair

Another thing which plays a vital role in the sale of used and broken mobile phones is the demand for that mobile phone in the market. For instance, if you try to sell Samsung s5, you will a much better offer than if you sell iPhone 5 because Samsung S5 still is a useable mobile phone and works fine whereas Apple has even stopped support for iPhone 6 which was launched much after the release of iPhone 5. After the launch of iPhone 11 series, used iPhone 6 plus prices have crashed because Apple stopped support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Despite iPhone X being launched a year ago, a used iPhone X still holds its value as it's still in demand and many want to get their hands on it. 

More prominent and busy companies do not really want to deal with broken devices. That's why when you sell a mobile phone to them, and it's broken you are often quoted a limited offer. Selling old mobile phones with a broken screen or some other fault is always more accessible through mobile phone recycling companies because they have the full infrastructure to support recycling of your mobile phone. The same applies to tablets recycling.

Can I trade in my iPhone 6 in 2019? It’s a pretty normal question and the simple answer is yes, why not! But there is a problem, the prices have crashed after the launch of iPhone 11 and the launch of iPhone 11 has severely impacted iPhone 6 recycle price.

And you might want to ask, sell my broken iPhone 6? Well, the answer is yes you can sell damaged iPhone 6 but you will not receive the same price what you would have a year ago. And in 2019 you should look forward to sell iPhone 6 online as most of the recycling companies have links abroad where iPhone 6 would still have better demand as compared to demand in the UK.

 We have really emphasised to sell second hand iPhone 6 before the launch of iPhone 11 because we knew how badly the launch of new iOS would impact the older versions and iPhone 6 is the one which has taken the strongest hit. Although the price of iPhone 6s has also been affected the good news is it can still be upgraded to iOS 13 which is the latest iOS launched in September 2019. That’s why iPhone 6s trade-in is much better.

We often get asked “can I sell my iPhone 6s in 2019 on a good price? well, prices of all iPhones have crashed but if you have iPhone 6s to sell it's the best time to sell it before the new iOS is released somewhere in September 2020. Although if you sell iPhone 6s 16gb you might not get a good price because those users who have used iPhone 16 GB in last few years have realised it's not enough as most of the iPhone iOS takes more than half just for the operating system.

iPhone 6s recycle price is also good when you trade in iPhone 6swith a broken screen and the mobile phone is over 16GB.  iPhone 6s trade-in value will keep on declining in the next coming months. If you want to recycle iPhone 6s 64gb you should recycle it as soon as possible. The most important factor is the networks upgrading themselves to 5G technology. Almost all major networks are upgrading their networks to 5G systems and no iPhone in the market is 5G capable mobile phone. iPhone 6s trade-in price is expected to fall more after the Christmas in 2020 even the iPhone 6s 64gb trade-in value is expected to depreciate in value.

iPhone 6s plus trade-in value is also expected to decline in the same fashion as iPhone 6s. Although the mobile phone will keep on getting recycled for quite a few coming years. Despite the money being offered, you should always look forward to recycle iPhone 6s especially if it’s a broken mobile phone. You should be looking forward to sell broken iPhone 6s as these mobile phones contain very harmful substances which can be injurious to health if not recycled appropriately.

The mobile phone recycling industry works on demand and supply rule just like any other fast-moving industry and the best place to sell iPhone 7 is the one who offers the most and actually pays what the offer rather than just offering. For instance, there are many recycling companies who prefer to buy faulty and broken mobile phones and when you sell broken iPhone 7 to a company like that, you’ll get the best offer. You get the best price when you sell iPhone 7 with a cracked screen rather than any other issue as this is the easy fix for mobile phone recycling companies. The question how much can I sell the iPhone 7 for? Is very subjective as it really depends on when are you looking forward to selling it and the condition your mobile phone is in.