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Why sell your old mobile Phone

Well in all honesty we should be recycling everything we can in order to keep our earth greener as our ancestors left it for us, that’s the least we can do. Keeping in view the rate at which the global population is expanding it would not be too late when we will dry all our resources. According to most of the reports coming up we will run out of most resource......READ MORE

Mobile Phone Recycling UK

The notion of recycle phone for cash is not a new one as far as mobile phone recycling in the UK is concerned. Phone sites which offer money for your old phone keep on popping but there are very few which attain good reputation........READ MORE

What We Buy

We not only just buy your phone we have also made the process of old mobile phone selling much easier and hassle free.  The mobile phone buy back service offered by rapid phone buyer.....READ MORE

Sell my mobile Phone

With Rapid Phone buyer because we at Rapid Phone Buyer recycle your mobile Phone whilst keeping in mind its environmental implications. We try first to get the mobile phone ....READ MORE

The Era of Samsung s10 and iphone XS which ones better?

There is no doubt about the fact that Apple has played a vital role in making smart phones as popular as they are today. Mobile phones were not considered as fun items and a necessity of life until...READ MORE

Are we moving towards a world full of disposable Mobile Phones?

In 2015 there were more mobile phone subscribers in the world than people living in the world this has raised many eye brows since because the pundits of global warming have .....READ MORE

iPhone 8 Review


Apple has been releasing iPhone models since 2007 and always their mobile phones have created buzz because they were always...READ MORE