iPhone Hacks 2019

Almost all of us have been using smartphones for quite some time now, but few of us know that there is much more we can do with our smartphones other than making phone calls, WhatsApp and internet. For instance, I haven't seen many builders who knew that there are a built-in distance finder and a level bar which they can use in an iPhone.  Here are some neat tricks and hacks which you can use to make your life easier and be amazed by the technology, mainly if you belong to Generation Y or the Millennials.

1. Faster charge

Sometimes we are in a rush and want to get our mobile phone charged as soon as possible, the easiest way to do that is put your mobile phone on Airplane mode so that the mobile phone does not consume any charge while it's with the charger. It will stop most of the charge consuming functions in the background, and the mobile phone will charge at a much faster phase. You can also use a 2A plus to charge your iPhone much faster. Most of the chargers which come with Samsung mobile phones are 2A. Note: Do not turn your mobile phone off, as when it switches on again it will consume much more charge than if what it would have used if not turned off.

2. Save time on your searches

According to Google, many searches on mobile phone devices have moved to voice searches, and it's brilliantly, especially if you are driving and do not wish to take your mobile phone off the car mount. You can also use the short cut Options, which range from the standard suffixes (.com, .co.uk) to the more uncommon ones (.edu, .ie).

3. Correct Siri

There is no doubt about the fact that Siri is terrific and very knowledgeable, but if she does not pronounce something correctly, you can respond to her by saying "That's not how you pronounce…," and she will correct it by repeating what you told it.

4. Find out what your phone knows about you

Apples iPhone saves all the places you have been, and it keeps on storing unless you change your settings. If you want proof, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Frequent Locations. You will see the places you've been, as well as how much time you spent there. Creepy, right? Thankfully, you can turn the feature off by tapping "Clear History," and then swipe left on the Frequent Locations tab

5. Take a hands-free photo

You can always use hands-free on your mobile phone to capture a photograph of juts just press the volume down button while the camera option is open and it will capture the moment. You can also use the volume button while taking selfies, trust me, it lets you take amazing selfies.

6. Record a video and take a picture at the same time

You can click pictures while recording by pressing the white button on the screen, the screen will flash white to notify that you have captured the photo and the image will get stored in your Camera Roll.

7. Erase text with the shake of your hand

Shake to Undo works with almost all application in iPhone, it's simple and saves a lot of time since you start using it regularly.

  • a.    Type anything.

  • b.    Physically shake your iPhone or iPad.

  • c.    Tap Undo.

8. Take a photo when your storage is full

Facebook or Twitter app, that's the answer when you want to take a picture when the storage is full. The photo taken will be saved automatically in your camera role even if there isn't any space left in your mobile phone storage.

9. Use the Compass app as a household tool

Compass app is impressive without a doubt. Swiping left in the app will activate an efficient tool: a digital spirit level. Now, you can finally straighten out every pesky wall hanging in your house.

10. Press one button to make a call

You do not have to waste a lot of time in digging out a number from your phone book, just type the call button, and all last contacted people will come up, and you can browse through the history within few seconds.