Iphone 8 review

Apple has been releasing iPhone models since 2007 and always their mobile phones have created buzz because they were always packed up with exciting new features everyone wanted to get their hands on. Apple can be said to be trend setter as far as smart phones are concerned but now it don’t seem to be the case especially since the launch of iPhone  8. It has been reported by many industry experts after interviewing 1000s of Apple users that iPhone 8 has probably generated least excitement among its users.  One of the main reason stated are the fact that iphone x was announced soon after the launch of iphone 8 which took away all the excitement away from iPhone 8 and people started rushing towards iPhone x, having said that not too many people can afford a mobile phone worth almost £1000. Especially in most parts of the world which are not as advanced as the western hemisphere.


Design  Feel

Since the launch of iPhone 6, users have been waiting for a new design. There is no doubt about the fact that when iPhone 6 was released it create great amount of excitement among it users but there was almost no visible difference between the design of iPhone 6 and iPhone 7. As far as the size of iPhone 7 is concerned, its almost the same as iPhone 7 slightly bigger but not enough that an iPhone 7 case won’t fit it. You have a choice of three colours: Silver, Gold, and Space Grey. The gold has a peachy ting whereas grey is more like a black. The biggest visible change in the design of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus is the change in the housing of the mobile phone. Now the new iPhone 8 has got a glass back mad the shinning metallic sides which have been taken positively by the iPhone users. Most of the surveys conducted by independent researchers reveal that it is no doubt one of the best mobile phones on the market for easy one-handed operation.


Screen & Sound

Samsung has been leading the display market and because of that they have been able to introduce much sharper and crisper OLED screens quite a few years ago. IPhones 8 also has old LCD screens. There is no doubt about the fact that iPhone 8 does not let customer down when it comes to display but at the same time it’s can’t be said to be the latest technology. But the good news for iPhone users is that Apple has realised the importance of adopting new technologies and has introduced OLED in its new iPhone x.  



One of the biggest improvements in the performance of iPhone is said to be the battery life. The mobile phone has been equipped with a better battery as compared to the battery provided in iPhone 7. According to several tests conducted by independent research iPhone 8  gives extra 30 mins talk time which is significantly higher than its predecessor.  As far as the performance of the processor, memory and graphics capability is concerned, Apple claims its Bionic A11 processor is one of the most advanced and most powerful chip ever used in any smart phone which according to all tests performed by independent researches prove to be correct.  Another new feature was water and sock resistant. Now both iphone 8 and iphone 8 has been tested and proved to be shock proof. Both mobile passed a 2.5 foot drop test and a water test.


Apple introduced a 12 mega pixel camera in 2017 when it launched iphone 6 series but the new iphone 8 has better functionality and aperture speed which means iPhone 8's camera is able to let in more light, making for better shots in low light and sharper images overall.


Want to sell iphone 8

The price iphone 8 was fetching a year ago has dropped down remarkably in the last 12 months so if you want to sell iphone 8 sell now before price for iphone 8 drops further. It is always recommended to trade in mobile phones for cash whenever you upgrade because mobile phones lose their value with the passage of time. By now if you are tech savvy you should have learned the art to buy and sell phones on profit or less depreciation.  After on airing iphone 8 Apple has introduced three more models which has cast a negative effect on the resale value of iphone 8. Still it’s not too late to sell used iphone 8

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