How to protect your iPhone

Everyone should know the tricks to keep their mobile phones safe, both physically and software-wise. It was challenging to take care of a mobile phone a decade ago because people were not well aware of mobile phone hacking and they were not used to using mobile phones with a massive screen. Mobile phone screens of earlier smartphones were much more fragile as compared to mobile phones today. Below is a brief guide to save your mobile phones physically and software-wise. Mobile Phones contain a wealth of data, especially financial details. They need to be kept safe under all circumstances. There is no doubt about the fact that Apple has gone the extra mile to make sure the data and personal details of its users are kept safe. And according to many independent pieces of research, iPhone’s ios is a lot more reliable than the Android operating system.

You should always use passwords to make sure if you lose your mobile phone, no one can enter it. iPhones' passwords are the most secure in the industry, backed up with its robust anti-theft programming. There is no way if you lose your password, anyone can hack into it without spending a considerable amount of time and money. It’s almost impossible unless someone has already installed some spyware on your mobile phone. If you plan to sell your mobile phone, or you have a second-hand iPhone 7 which you want to sell, make sure you remove all passwords and delete all your data before you send it off.

Be selective with your apps.

There are so many third-party apps in the market, and you should always go and check out the reviews before downloading the app and should never use a mobile phone app, not on iStore.

Do not click on suspicious links.

As technology has become more advanced, scammers have also come up with new ideas to con people by getting their personal details. You should always be care full while using a suspicious link always check the URL, especially if it's asking you for any personal information and if not sure, do not give out any details.

Enable remote wiping

You should always enable remove wiping as it is essential in case you lose your mobile phone you should be able to wipe all data from your mobile phone and Apple had made it much more comfortable than other manufacturers.

Keep software up to date.

The software often contains a fix for security holes, especially when new ios is released so you should always wait for a bit until you upgrade your mobile phone with a new operating system.

Use security applications

There are many independent applications that provide an extra layer for your mobile phone, making it hard to get into the phone even with the help of hacking software.

Stay off open wifi hot spots.

Since smartphones are now acting like mini-PCs, avoid unknown open Wi-Fi networks, just like you would on your PC, as you type, malicious hotspots can transmit your credit card information and passwords.

Making your mobile phone safe physically

Keeping in view the high cost of repairs, it is essential to take action so that your mobile phone does not break even if you drop it. You can use tempered glass protectors to save your mobile phone from getting the screen cracked. You can also make it safe by buying a gorilla case. It really helps when you plan to recycle mobile phones in the UK. The best mobile trade-in price is paid if your mobile phone is physically in good condition as compared to a phone with remarkable signs of usage. Check the amount we are willing to offer as a recycling company if you are looking forward to selling the iPhone 6 or sell iPhone 7 which you do not use anymore.

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