Has the countdown for iPhone 6s begun in 2019?

Launched in 2015 the iPhone 6s is the name for Apple's 2015 line-up, consisting of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Apple did not make any changes as far as design was concerned but for the first time introduced 3d touch, which was quoted to be an innovative feature. However, that was back in 2015 now mobile phones have come a long way from that technology. Mobile phones have upgraded and are much more advanced. Although unlike iPhone 6, iPhone 6s can now benefit from the new IOS 13 it's just a matter of time when iPhone stops iPhone 6s to benefit from newer iPhone updates.

Sell my mobile phone if it's out of warranty?

Yes, you can, for instance, if you have an iPhone 6s for sale, you can sell it without any hesitation but soon maybe within a year, it will be a lot less desirable. The same will be the fate of iPhone 6s; currently, it has missed the cut and iOS 13 can be used on it but soon the newer iOS 14 won't and that will burry iPhone 6s just like all its other predecessors. Used iPhone 6s can be said to have almost 2 years left on the clock and after that iPhone 6s in used condition wouldn't worth anything. Within two years or so iPhone 6s refurbished and even in mint condition wouldn't be able to attract any price. Hence it can be said that you should sell mobile phones before they reach that state else you will be left with only one option to recycle mobile phone for free.

Can I get cash for mobile if Apple's new IOS is not compatible with my old iPhone 6s?

where can I sell my phone and buy iPhone x?

You can still buy used iPhone 6s if you are on a tight budget and want to save up.

However, you should always try to sell mobile phones before the latest update is not available for your model. You can always sell mobile phone online even after Apple has stopped the latest IOS upgrade on your model.
You should trade in a mobile phone before it reaches a state where Apple can't let new IOS being installed in it. This has been happening for years, and whenever any mobile phone is left-back, it just becomes the most undesirable mobile phone and starts vanishing from the market. For instance, we do not see any iPhone 3 with anyone anymore. Moreover, slowly a point comes when no one is willing to offer money for mobiles of that age. Although many mobile phone recycling companies advertise "old phones for cash" they lose the interest in buying the models and removes these models from the list of mobiles for cash. That is one of the reasons why you can't sell the iPhone 5 in 2019 although it works as a mobile phone but still does not allow you to enjoy the latest technological advancements Apple has to offer. In this day and age, mobile selling is much easier than the past, and you should consider selling your old mobile phone the moment you don't need it or have upgraded to a better version. People who take mobile phones as other items which hold their price lose big time in the end. For example, if you happen to own an iPhone 4, you can sell the old iPhone 4 in 2019. It's unusable.

Shall I buy a refurbished iPhone which has no support from Apple, and when shall I sell my device?

Yes, as long as you know it will let you install the latest IOS on it else, you should reconsider buying it. The sooner, the better, the latest mobile phones such as iPhone x in used condition will hold its price for a while but soon when newer iPhone is released, and iPhone X gets a bit old it will start losing its charm and value. Old iPhone loses almost 3% of its value every month after the launch. So almost in 36 months, the mobile phone becomes not desirable. From experience, it can be advised that you should not buy used iPhone 6 in 2019 due to compatibility issue with the new IOS 13.

All iPhones have a much-limited life. All mobile phones launched by Apple have a limited life due to software updates which make the iPhones slower and there are also technological advancements which play a part in making the mobile phones absolute well before time. The product life cycle of mobile phones has been shrinking. In the early 2000s, the mobile phones product life cycle was over 24 months and now it has come o just over 16 months. The main reason for that is technological advancements. The recent iOS update has removed iPhone 6 from the list of mobile phones which can benefit from the recent update. Although iPhone 6s still can benefit from the new iOS, when you sell iPhone 6s you get far less quote as compared to what you would have received before the launch of iOS 13.  iPhone 6s trade-in price has dropped dramatically and one of the reasons can be said to be the side of the screen. All-new mobile phones do not have any blank areas on the screen including all Samsung mobile phones. The screen size has also impacted the iPhone 7 trade-in value and iPhone 7 plus trade-in valueThe new iPhone X series. iPhones with blank space on the top and bottom of the phones look outdated.   iPhone 8 plus trade-in price has been affected due to the newer models and again one of the main reasons is the size of the screen. iPhone X is a much smaller phone in the size but offers a bigger screen and the iPhone X offers bigger screen resolution.  Although you can trade-in iPhone 6s plus as well in 2019 but the price offered is far less than what it was 2 years ago when the full screen wasn’t introduced. There is no doubt about the fact that in the next coming year or so the trade-in iPhone 6s will hit rock bottom and slowly it will get wiped out of the market especially the iPhone 6s 16GB. It can be anticipated that within a year or so when you sell iPhone 6s 16gb, you will be offered a very low quote. Along with other models’ trade-in iPhone 8 plus is also expected to decline at an enormous rate.  iPhone 6s recycle price is still reasonable especially if the mobile phone is over 16 GB. That’s why rather than waiting for the mobile phone to lose more value, you should seriously consider selling it.

Although you can sell broken iPhones, its difficult to sell iPhone 6s plus or sell iPhone 7 plus 128gb if there is a bent in the housing. Its affects the performance of the mobile phone and might have broken the motherboard which might cause different issues including connectivity issues.





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