What final checks should I do before packaging my phone?

You must ensure you have:

  1. Removed any PIN, passwords or screen locks
  2. Removed any iCloud, Samsung or Google accounts
  3. Removed any SIM or memory cards
  4. Deleted all personal files and data
  5. Left the battery inside the phone and include back cover
  6. Fill in the delivery note printed on the packaging box provided in the sales pack.
  7. Stick one of the postage labels from the letter you receive on the postal bag

Now you are ready to pack your phone and send it to us.

How can I get a sales pack?

As soon as you submit your order on our website, we will send you a sales pack which should arrive between 1-4 days. If you do not receive it, it may have been lost during delivery. You can request for another one to be sent.

How do I send my phone?

You will receive a letter confirming your order and self-adhesive postage labels, a box with the delivery note, bubble wrap, a postal bag and an information booklet in the sales pack. Follow the simple packaging and posting guidelines in the information booklet and send us your device.

Do I have to pay for postage?

You can choose one of two options to send your device: Royal Mail 48® Tracked Service (we pay the cost) or Royal Mail Special Delivery (you pay the cost). Please see the information booklet in the sales pack for more about the two options. Self-adhesive labels of both delivery options can be found in the letter you received in the sales pack.

How will I know you have received my phone?

Once we receive your phone/device, we will send you an email. You can also track your package at www.royalmail.com/track-your-item.

My phone has been sent, why haven’t you received it yet?

We will send you an email once we receive your device. Phones/devices sent via our Freepost service take approximately 2-4 working days to arrive. Sometimes Royal Mail can take even longer. If we do not receive your device within two weeks, it may have been lost during transit. In this scenario, you would have to contact Royal Mail for more information. We cannot be held responsible for any device that is not delivered to us. Therefore, it is recommended you use Royal Mail Special Delivery for high-value items.

How many phones can I send in one free post package?

You can send up to 2 phones in one free post package. If you have more than two devices, you can contact us to order more packs or for a free collection.

How do I package my phone?

We recommend wrapping your phone in bubble wrap and placing it in the box provided to prevent damage during transit. Please also make sure you fill in the delivery note that is printed on the box provided.

Do you provide a packaging box for tablets?

No, we do not provide a box for tablets. We recommend wrapping your tablet in bubble wrap and then placing it in a rigid box so that it doesn’t move around and get damaged accidentally.

Where should I send my phone/device?

All deliveries should be sent to our headquarters:
Rapid Phone Buyer, 47 Paragon Street, Hull, HU1 3PE

What if I need to send more than two devices?

If you need to send more than two devices, contact us so that we can either send you more sales packs or arrange a free collection service if you have more than ten phones.