FAQs about Apple iPhone 8

How much can you sell an iPhone 8 for?

If you want to sell iPhone 8, you have to check what all recyclers are paying for them. There isn’t a straight answer to the question of how much is iPhone 8? Because the answer is dependent on several factors such as the condition of your mobile phone and if it is locked on any UK network. To get the straight answer to the question of how much is an iPhone 8 provide us with the details of your mobile phone, and we will give you an exact offer amount.

Where can I sell my iPhone?

Before you sell your mobile phone, you have to find out how much is the iPhone 8 being bought by the company you have decided to sell your mobile to and compare it with other recyclers so that you can get the maximum amount for your mobile phone.

How can I sell my old iPhone?

You can post your mobile phone to online recyclers including Rapid Phone buyer, and we will pay you as soon as we get your mobile phone and have tested it. There are several other recycling companies which can buy your old mobile phone.

Is there an iPhone 8 plus?

Yes,  there is an iPhone 8 Plus with 5.5-inch display rest of the performance is almost the same as iPhone 8 but the camera is much improved.

What is Apple iPhone 8 release date in the UK?

iPhone 8 announcement was made on September 12, 2017, whereas the release date for iPhone 8 is September 22, 2017, in an Apple iPhone 8 launch at the Steve Jobs Theater in the Apple Park campus. iPhone 8 Plus was also released with iPhone 8.


Does iPhone 8 release date and price impact the resale value of the iPhone 7?

Yes, the release of the iPhone 8 does impact the price of the iPhone 7 and it drops dramatically after iPhone 8 announcement date and then once again when iPhone 8 release takes place.


How much is iPhone 8?

iPhone 8 best price can be checked online as the prices keep on changing. The refurbished iPhone 8 plus in the UK is much cheaper than a new iPhone 8. iPhone 8 price in the UK has declined after the launch of the iPhone 11. We offer the best price for iPhone 8 if you want to sell it.


Is 64GB enough for iPhone 8?

Yes 64GB is more than enough for normal usage but more is always better if you can afford it.


How much is an iPhone 8 with a broken screen?

Please check our iPhone 8 page as the price of the iPhone 8 keeps on declining due to so many newer models launched after the release of the iPhone 8.


What’s the difference between iPhone 8 32GB and iPhone 8 64 GB?

Well, the difference between both mobile phones is just of capacity. Other than that, both mobile phones are absolutely identical in appearance and performance.


how much does the iPhone 8 cost to get fixed if the screen is broken?

At the time of the release of the iPhone 8, it was over £100 but now you can easily get a cracked screen fixed for under £50 but if you try to get an original screen to be put on your mobile phone from a used iPhone 8, then the screen price of iPhone 8 would be might higher.


when is iPhone 8 release date?

iPhone 8 release date was announced by Apple on 12 September 2017. iPhone 8 plus release date was the same as of iPhone 8.


How much does an iPhone 8 cost in the UK?

iPhone 8 price in the USA and the UK is different but almost the same when you take the exchange rate into consideration.  The cost of the iPhone 8 has decreased since the launch of the iPhone 11. On the launch day of the iPhone 11, Apple reduced the price of the iPhone 8 by $150 and the same day iPhone 8 cost in the UK also dropped.


Is the iPhone 8 worth it in 2019?

Is the iPhone 8 worth it in 2019 is a common question. And the answer is yes. It is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies which will work absolutely fine for another few years with new iOS updates. Despite iPhone 11 being launched in 2019, iPhone 8 handset still has its grace and amazes anyone who just has upgraded to it from a lower iPhone. Hence it can be said that you can buy an iPhone 8 in 2019 with confidence.

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Apple iPhone 8 refurbished have also started appearing despite the fact that mobile phone isn’t that old. If you buy a refurbished iPhone 8 you can save some money too as compared to the original mobile phone. iPhone 8 in the refurbished condition is as good as the original depending on where you have bought it from and whether it's using all original parts or some Chinese copy parts are being used in it.  The quality of reconditioned iPhone 8 heavily depends on the parts used in it. If iPhone 8 phone only parts are used manufactured by Apple then the quality is very good else it can be a bit iffy.  As stated earlier the new iPhone 8 price is much cheaper than what it was before the launch of the iPhone 11 so if you are looking forward to buying it after the launch of the iPhone 11 you can save a lot of money. Buying an iPhone 8 pre-owned is also a good option but you have to make sure you buy it from a reputable seller. Else apple store iPhone 8 can be the best bet.