FAQs about Apple iPhone 8

How much can you sell an iPhone 8 for?

If you want to sell iPhone 8, you have to check what all recyclers are paying for them. There isn’t a straight answer to the question of how much is iPhone 8? Because the answer is dependent on several factors such as the condition of your mobile phone and if it is locked on any UK network. To get the straight answer to the question of how much is an iPhone 8 provide us with the details of your mobile phone, and we will give you an exact offer amount.

Where can I sell my iPhone?

Before you sell your mobile phone, you have to find out how much is the iPhone 8 being bought by the company you have decided to sell your mobile to and compare it with other recyclers so that you can get the maximum amount for your mobile phone.

How can I sell my old iPhone?

You can post your mobile phone to online recyclers including Rapid Phone buyer, and we will pay you as soon as we get your mobile phone and have tested it. There are several other recycling companies which can buy your old mobile phone.

Is there an iPhone 8 plus?

Yes there is an iPhone 8 Plus with 5.5-inch display rest of the performance is almost the same as iPhone 8 but the camera is much improved.