FAQs about Apple iPhone 8 plus

As far as the case of the iPhone is concerned the price of the iPhone has dropped after the launch of the iPhone 11. Whereas the price of Samsung Galaxy s8 is still very stable even after the launch of Samsung s10. When you sell iPhone 8 plus you will be offered much less after the launch of iPhone 11 because iPhone slashed the price by more than $150 in a day at the time of launch of iPhone 11.        iPhone 8 plus trade-in price also is affected if your mobile phone is locked on any UK network. For instance, when you sell an iPhone 8 plus locked on Vodafone, you will be quoted much less as compared to when you trade in iPhone 8 plus unlocked on a network which is much cheaper to unlock such as O2. In 2019, the demand of iPhone 8 is still high despite the mobile phone being a 4G mobile phone when many other manufacturers have already started upgrading their networks on a 5G technology. That’s why when you get good iPhone 8 plus trade-in price.

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Is iPhone 8 any good?

The iPhone 8 is a good phone – very good in certain respects – but it also feels like it was the forgotten child as before it got famous and people got hold of it it was announced that soon iPhone x would be launched this impacted negatively on the same on iPhone 8 Plus.

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What is the difference between iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus?

As far as the processing is concerned, both the mobile phones offer the same processing speed but the major difference is usability and user experience. iPhone 8 has a smaller 4.7-inch Retina display and single-lens camera setup, whereas the iPhone 8 Plus has a larger 5.5-inch Retina display and dual-lens system.

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Will the iPhone 8 plus price go down?

Just like most of the mobile phones in the market, the price comes down especially in the case of iPhones. The price drop is significant when the newer model is released.

Is there a black iPhone 8?

Space Grey. This has been a staple colour for the iPhone for quite some time and Apple kept it for the iPhone 8.

Should I sell my iPhone 8 Plus?

Yes, if you have already upgraded to a newer version of Apple iPhone, sell your iPhone today before it loses any more of its value. Apple just like all other manufacturers keeps on launching newer models every year. And with every new launch, the price of the older model declines. 

Can I sell my locked iPhone 8 Plus?

You can always use mobile phone recycling companies to sell your old mobile phone including iPhone 8 Plus. Sell your iPhone 8 Plus to Rapid Phone Buyer even if its locked on to any UK network, although the offer price might be less than unlocked iPhone still you can sell it. Or you can try giving a call yo your network provider and asking them to unlock it for free.  

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Where to sell my iPhone 8 Plus?

You can sell your old mobile phones including the iPhone 8 plus to us, one of the best recycling companies. 

How to sell my iPhone 8 plus if it's broken?

The process of selling your broken mobile phone is exactly the same as selling a working one. Simply follow the process and send us your device for free. 

is it cheap to buy used iPhone 8 plus

iPhone 8 plus prices keep on declining just like all other iPhones. iPhone 8 from Carphone warehouse is always on pretty decent offers but the iPhone 8 plus second-hand price is always a good purchase. iPhone 8 plus contracts are expensive in the longer run.  cheap iPhone 8 plus deals are more often to be seen almost after 1 year of release of the mobile phone. But when the mobile phone is just released, they are really expensive.  best iPhone 8 plus deals were available six months after the release. iPhone 8 plus offers are dependent on the demand of the mobile phone and the demand leads iPhone 8 prices and iPhone 8 Plus prices.

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Does unlocked iPhone 8 plus attracts better price?

Yes, on iPhone 8 plus best price is paid when its unlocked as networks charge mobile phone recycling companies to unlock mobile phones. But if iPhone 8 plus is used by you for more than 6 months you can ask the operator to unlock it for you for free and in most cases, operators do unlock them for free. But you have to get in touch with them.

Is it wise to buy iPhone 8 plus on pay monthly package?

Cheap iPhone 8 plus can only be bought on a cash deal in contracts sometimes you end up paying very high price.

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How often apple iPhone 8 plus price depreciates.

iPhone 8 plus price depreciates at approximately 3% after the release date. Although the price really depends on the demand of the mobile phone along with the capacity. For instance, iPhone 8 plus 128gb will depreciate less than iPhone 8 Plus 32 GB. iPhone 8 plus price in the UK has been depreciating at a fast pace since iPhone 11 has been released. As far as selling is concerned, it also depends who you are selling it to, for instance, if you sell iPhone 8 plus 64gb gold to CEX you might get more than iPhone 8 plus white. But with recycling companies, the colour of your mobile phone does not really matter. If you are selling iPhone 8 plus in CEX make sure you check prices offered for different colours.

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Is there any apple iPhone 8s plus?

No there isn't any iPhone 8s Plus.

Where can I get iPhone 8 info online?

The best place would be the apple website. 

How much can you sell a used iPhone 8 plus for?

It depends as explained before, the price of mobile phones keeps on depreciating as newer models hit the market capable of performing better tasks. 

How much does a used iPhone 8 plus sell for?

The price depends on the condition of the mobile phone too. If the mobile phone has severe signs of usage and has marks and scuffs all over it, the quoted price might get reduced. 

Should I sell the iPhone 8 plus for cash near me?

The price offered by online mobile phone recycling companies is much more than what's offered in normal mobile phone shops. 

how much trade-in for iPhone 8 plus?

As explained before it depends on several factors including the condition of the mobile phone, the network it is locked on and when you decide to sell your mobile phone. According to several reports, every mobile phone loses more than 3% of its value every month after the launch. 

How to sell iPhone 8 plus?

It's simple and state forward, check the price we are offering if you agree with the price follow the sell now process and send us the mobile phone for free and once checked the amount will get deposited into your account straight away. 

How do I sell my iPhone 8 plus?

The process off selling a mobile phone is simple and straight forward, and the sale process is the same for all mobile phones even if they are broken. 

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