FAQs about Apple iPhone 6S

How much does an iPhone 6s sell for?

If you want to know how much for my iphone 6s?You have to get answers of few questions. It really depends how and where you sell your mobile phone and what state your mobile phone is in. Other factors such as how many GB it is and whether it comes with the original accessories or not also impacts the price. If the mobile phone is locked on any UK network that might also drop the offer price. A rough guide can be seen below.




Iphone 6S



Iphone 6s



Iphone 6s



What is a used iPhone 6s worth?

Iphone 6s value keeps on declining as most of the mobile phones as the time passes. iphone 6s selling price is depended on the physical condition of the mobile phone and the storage size. If you have iphone 6s for sale and want to know how much is iphone 6s worth check our iphone 6s page and we will be able to provide you exact quote.

How much is a smashed iPhone 6s worth?

If you have a broken iphone 6s you shouldn’t be worried about it, there are many recycling companies who will buy it even if its broken. But it might be bit trickier if you want to sell water damaged iphone 6s although the option to iphone 6s recycle for free is always there.

Can I sell my iPhone 6s to Apple?

You can recycle iphone 6s with Apple Trade in Programme. But there are many independent recycling companies which might offer more than what Apple offers.

Do Apple buy old Iphones?

Apple GiveBack. Even if you're not ready to upgrade your iPhone, we'll still recycle your old devices and give you an Apple Store Gift Card.

How much does a iPhone 6s cost?

Pricing for the iPhone 6s varies depending on the GB and the plan you choose. But Iphone 6s is not sold by Apples website anymore.

Can I sell my broken iPhone 6s?

If you have a cracked iphone 6s you can still get cash for it. You can >sell iphone 6s with cracked screen to many recyclers including Rapid Phone buyer. Iphone 6s cracked screen for sale are high in demand but it shouldn’t be beyond economic repair.

Can I get money for my broken iPhone?

Iphone 6s trade in price is far more lower if its smashed iphone 6s. iphone 6s broken screen drops the offer but still an fetch good money from recyclers who buy broken mobile phones.

Can I sell my iPhone with a cracked screen?

You can sell your iphone 6s even if its broken that’s what some mobile phone recycling companies advertise. Far less iphone 6s handset price is offered if its broken. Trade in iphone 6s even if its broken to keep not only the environment clean but also to get some cash for ur faulty mobile phone. Different recyclers pay different prices for faulty mobile phones for instance if you check mazuma iphone 6s or envirophone iphone 6s offer if its broken it will be far less than what’s offered by Rapid Phone Buyer in most of the instances. If you have a used iphone 6s for sale let us know and we’ll try our best to pay the highest price.

What is the difference between iPhone 6 and 6s?

There are hardly and physical differences as far as design is concerned but when it comes to processing, its claimed by Apple that due to improved processors and 2 GB extra RAM in iphone 6s has made it function 70 percent faster than iphone 6. Despite the differences iphone 6s resale value has declined remarkably after the launch of iphone 7, 8 and x series.

What year is my iPhone 6s?

The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus were succeeded by the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on September 7, 2016 so your mobile phone you have must before that. Apple as of now has stopped selling all iphone 6s models on its website and on its stores.

What is the S in iPhone 6s?

According to Apple 3D Touch that was introduced with this tock iteration of iPhone was indicated by ‘s’.