<span>Sell LG G5</span>

Sell LG G5

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Sell LG G4

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Sell LG Nexus 5X

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Sell LG G3

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Sell LG G Flex 32GB

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Sell LG G Flex 2 16GB

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Sell LG K4 (2017) 8GB

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Sell LG G2

Sell LG Mobile Phone

The phone recycling service provided by Rapid Phone Buyer allows you to recycle LG old phones. Most of LG mobile phones have been classed as best budget smartphones due to their ease of use and low price as compared to other brands. LG mobile phone prices have been declining due to newer models being launched in the last few years, but at the same time, an LG phone can still fetch a decent amount of money. LG mobiles would have survived if there wasn’t any competition by Samsung’s budget mobile phones which gave customers option to own a smart phone much cheaper than anything LG has to offer. If you have any of Samsung’s budget mobile phone, check our prices and we are sure we will be offering the highest possible price for them.

Recycle Samsung A3

Recycle Samsung A5

Trade-in Samsung A7

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Recycle Samsung J5

Trade-in Samsung J7

Want to sell LG phones for sale in bulk?

If you have LG mobile phones in bulk and want to sell them, we can help you with that. List of LG phones which we currently buy can be seen above but if you can't find what you want to sell, contact us, and we will be able to find out if we can buy it and how much we can pay for your old Lg mobile phones. Sell old phones to Rapid Phone Buyer with confidence as we have been nominated as one of the best recycling companies in the UK by what mobile awards.