Are we moving towards a world full of disposable Mobile Phones?

In 2015 there were more mobile phone subscribers in the world than people living in the world this has raised many eye brows since because the pundits of global warming have had a keen eye on the impacts of mobile phone recycling on our environment. According to a report by UN in 2016 44.7 million metric tons of e waste was produced and with the pace it has been increasing it is expected that it will reach more than 5.2 million metric tons which if calculated would be 6.8 kilogram per user. The estimated value of Raw material used in 44.7 metric tons would be more than 55 billion Euros so you can imagine the quantity of just the raw materials used to produce all of that electronics. All sorts of electronic products are added in the total figures. We can divide the electronic waste into 6 different categories.

1.       Temperature exchange equipment, more commonly referred to as cooling and freezing equipments.

2.       Screens, monitors including TVs and LCD screens.

3.       Lamps. Typical equipment includes fluorescent lamps,

4.       Large equipment. Typically known as white goods including washing machines

5.       Small equipment. Typical equipment includes vacuum cleaners, microwaves and other kitchen appliances.

6.       Small IT and telecommunication equipment including mobile phones and tablets.

Despite all of them following under one big umbrella of electronic waste, it is important to note that every item in these categories have different lifecycle and are recycled differently just as the consumers attitude is different towards upgrading these products. Out of all these products mobile phones have the shortest life cycle and people are more reluctant to recycle them well in time. The reason for this is purely based on manufacturers introducing more models every year in order to gain maximum market share and just after the launch the newer improved version is announced. People are reluctant to sell mobile for cash because they are scared of their data getting into wrong hands. Despite thousands of mobile selling sites offering free data removal and making sure the phone is set back to factory settings a huge amount of these mobile phones end up in draws. Recycled mobile phones if recycled before it reached end of its life cycle can be reused and it will reduce the demand of newer models and eventually will force manufacturers to produce less mobile phones. There is an urgent need to let people know how important it is to trade phonesbefore they become absolute because someone might be able to use them old phones. In order to gain maximum market share most of the manufacturers have been fighting and developing all sorts of mobile phones especially low end economical smart phones which are hard to get repaired.  There is no doubt in the fact that governments have taken steps to push manufacturers to introduce mobile phones trade in programs but still there is a lot which needs to be done especially to limit manufacturers producing so many models every year and educating masses about the importance of electronic waste. The life cycle of a typical mobile phone was almost 2 years back in 2013 to 2015 but now the picture has changed all together as most of the devices now have a life span of almost a year. This claim can be witnessed in last 1 year or so when Apple launched iphone 8, iphone x and iphone XS. There is an urgent need to educate masses to recycle phones as soon as they upgrade so that their old device can be reused. 

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