Apple expands its global recycling program but is it enough?

Mobile phone recycling has become very important as there are more than 7.8 billion mobile phone devices in the world which is more than the actual population. There are many rare earth minerals which are used in small quantities in the manufacturing of chips and other small components in a mobile phone and if immediate action is not taken it will be soon when there won’t be enough of these rate minerals available to manufacture mobile phones. iPhone recycle program has been running for quite a few years but in this post, we will see whether Apple has done enough to play its part as a major mobile phone manufacturer. Other than broken iPhone recycle programme, Apple has been investing a lot in making sure carbon footprints are removed by its Supplier Clean Energy Program which lowered Apple’s carbon footprint by nearly 3.6 million metric tons compared to last year.

Nearly 1 million devices have been received through Apple programmes and each Daisy (the recycling robot) can disassemble 1.2 million devices per year. In 2018, the company refurbished more than 7.8 million Apple devices and helped divert more than 48,000 metric tons of electronic waste from landfills. But that doesn’t seem to be enough when we take into account the number of devices sold by Apple in that period.

Daisy is now able to disassemble 15 different iPhone models at the rate of 200 per hour

Apple uses 100 percent recycled tin in a key component of the main logic boards of 11 different products.

The number of Apple Stores and network of Authorized Service Providers has grown to over 5,000 worldwide

Trade-in iPhone programme helps people not only to recycle old iPhone but also to generate cash. With recycle old iPhone programme, iPhone users can recycle water damaged iPhones which in normal scenario are hard to sell to mobile phone recycling companies as they do not hold any monetary value. So, if you are wondering where to sell my broken iPhone which no one is willing to buy, you can try Apple. It really depends when you chose to sell your iPhone as the price offered always keeps on depreciating. For instance, if you are wondering can I recycle my iPhone 6 in 2019 and get good amount for it? The answer would be, it’s highly unlikely even if you sell iPhone to Apple because the mobile phone has depreciated in price and there are not that many users who want it in 2019 especially after the launch of iPhone 11. When you recycle iPhone for cash, more money is paid to you by independent mobile phone recycling companies as compared to manufacturers.

The difference between the amount paid by Apple and independent mobile phone recyclers is very different, for instance, if you recycle iPhone 8 with Apple the most they can pay is £180 whereas we offer £265. And when you recycle iPhone 6 with Apple in 2019, there was no price offered as per Apple’s website but are paying at the time of writing of this post £60. Which is a huge difference? So if you have iPhone 6 to recycle, use independent recyclers.

You can send old iPhone se to recycle to us can even use us to recycle iPhone x which is pretty latest in 2019. There are several other mobile phone networks which provide mobile phone recycling service, for instance, O2 has its own mobile phone recycling programme. You can always use independent mobile phone recycling companies like us to sell a broken iPhone.  You can always recycle the broken iPhone as it may get fixed and find a new home. After the launch of iPhone 11, iPhone 6 recycle price has started declining as new iOS can’t be installed on it. Apple iPhone recycle service is great but it does not offer you the price offered by independent mobile phone recycling companies. If you are wondering where can I sell my iPhone? Well, use an independent mobile phone recycler if you want to receive the highest price for your old mobile phone. And you can always sell the iPhone if its broken or faulty. Recycle iPhone and other mobile phones before they lose any of their value.

Wondering how to sell iPhone 6 in 2019?

Well, Selling your mobile phone to us is simple and hassle-free. Just complete your order and send us your mobile phone for free.  Although the trade in iPhone 6 price has come down in the recent past along with the iPhone 6 plus trade-in price but we still strive to offer the best price to sell iPhone 6. The recent release of iPhone 11 has impacted the prices of all models launched before iPhone 11 but we still offer the best price to sell iPhone 6s.  You can also recycle iPhone 7 as the price is pretty stable at the moment and the trend will carry on until Christmas of 2019. The same is the case with iPhone 8, iPhone 8 trade-in will be stable until Christmas 2019 and then it's expected to lose its value. And if you sell iPhone 8 for cash after the Christmas you might be offered far less. 


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