10 Creative Ways to Use Old Smartphones

We all have smartphones lying around in our homes, which we do not use anymore. Although we should either sell it to bring it to life again by utilizing its amazing features, we have carefully compiled a list of fresh ideas you can adapt to use your old smartphone. These creative ways can help you save £100s as getting newer models of smartphones has become expensive in the last few years.

Camera for kids

Kids love doing what adults like doing mainly adult hobbies, and as a parent, it’s always a good idea to let your kids do what they love as long as it does not hurt them and enhances their creativity. Smartphones have been around for more than ten years now, and most of the smartphones have pretty good cameras which kids can use to take photographs and if you want them to learn more get them to watch some basic tutorials on photography and get amazed by their creativity! The cheapest camera on Argos is over £50, so you can save money.

Use it as a Sat Nav

The navigation system is a reality of today and sometimes it's harsh to use your mobile phone and sat nav at the same time especially if you are driving and having a dedicated sat-nav could be costly especially if you want the latest one for free upgrades. Most smartphones can easily let you download and use cheap navigation software if you do not wish to use Google maps, else for me, Google maps work just fine. Above all, updating and replacing the battery on a smartphone is much easier compared to a sat nav. Using your smartphone as a sat nav can help you save some serious money because, at the time of writing this article, the cheapest sat nav sold by Currys was £84.88.

Use it as an Alarm Clock.

Well, who enjoys waking up early in the morning and using your mobile phone isn’t the best idea. You can have a stand and use your old smartphone as a table clock which is always on a charge and keeps you away from the hassle of making sure every night that your mobile phone is charged enough to wake you up in the morning.

MP3 Player

One can argue, what’s the need for an mp3 player when you can use your smartphone. Well, the answer is simple, the number of vital tasks we have to perform on our mobile phones I think we shall keep the music business separate especially if you want to enjoy your music without any disturbance. The reason I recommend a separate mp3 player is the fact that it keeps your mobile phone safe and available for urgent tasks without any loss of battery.

Security Camera

Installing a Security camera with a remote battery can be an expensive venture, especially if you want a covert one. You can always use your imagination and make your covert camera by using your mobile phone. And if you attach a battery pack which you can buy from eBay for as little as £10, it will give you decent recording time.

Universal Remote Control for TV

Those who have kids at home will agree with the fact that remote controls have a terrible habit of disappearing. So rather than investing money in buying a new remote control or spending hours in finding your lost remote control, you can install remote control app and always have an extra remote control for almost all your remote control needs.

A Gaming device for Kids

Kids always want to use adults' mobile phones to play games. There are 1000s of free games for all ages which are freely available from the Apple store and Google play which you can download and let your kids play them. You can also download nursery rhymes for them and let them learn while you can do other tasks. The good thing is you don’t have to worry if the mobile phone screen has a crack or does not accept any sim card. All you need is Wi-Fi to be working. And your kids' gaming device is ready to use!

E-Book Reader

Many of us love reading books, well, you can use an old smartphone to read a book or even listen to audiobooks and use your regular mobile phone for all sorts of other essential tasks. Just as with most of the other creative ideas, you can always use a faulty mobile phone which might have a defective mic or may not let you make phone calls.

Use as a metal detector.

We always need a metal detector to see if there are any live wires in our wall before we drill any holes. So you can still use a metal detector app to find out cables in the wall. This can prove to be a great device if you are a DIY person or a tradesman who has to drill holes in the wall on a regular basis.

Sell it and get some cash!

Well, if you do not want to use your mobile phone for any of the ideas above, then sell it. Smartphones lose their value with time as there are so many new smartphones hitting the market on an almost weekly basis. So rather than getting your mobile phone rot without giving you any benefit, sell it and use the cash. Most people do not think that they can sell smartphones even if they are broken. If you have any smartphone which you want to sell, you can use Rapid Phone Buyer to sell your mobile phone even if it's locked to any UK network. It doesn't matter if you want to sell an old iPhone 7 or want to sell a broken iPhone 8 which you do not use anymore, sell it.

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