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Are you looking to upgrade your phone? Want a quick and easy way to get cash for your old mobile? Wondering how to sell broken phones? We at Rapid Phone Buyer are here to help you sell your phone with the minimum of fuss. Usually, people looking to sell their phones are seeking for the easiest means of doing so; therefore, when you visit our site, you will see the phones we buy and the price we offer – without the hassle.

The process is simple, just register on the site with your details, and we will send you a free sales pack with all the information and packaging you need. Then, just post your phone to us in the envelope provided and as soon as we receive it, you will get your cash the same day. It's never been easier for you to sell phone, and by selling with us, you can do all of the following from the comfort of your own home.

Don't wait around. The longer you leave it, the less valuable they become, losing you money. Therefore, if you have an iPhone, Sony, LG, Samsung or any other model, we can help you sell phone for cash today, and help you move towards saving for a new phone or buying a new model outright. We specialise in broken devices and buy all sorts of broken mobile phones. We recycle the broken devices and make utmost efforts to pay the highest commission in the industry. Broken mobile phones are sold day in and out whilst most people don't realise they could make money from broken mobile phones by selling them.

Why should I sell my mobile to Rapid Phone Buyer?

We are one of the best mobile phone recycling companies in the UK 1000s of satisfied customers have loved our service and trust us to recycle their old mobile phones with us.

Highest prices offered

We bypass comparison websites commission and buy directly from customers offering them the highest possible price.

We even buy broken and faulty devices.

We even buy broken and faulty devices

Unlike many recyclers, we recycle broken and faulty mobile phones, and sometimes we pay a very high price for your broken mobile phones even if they do not turn on!

Instant Payment

Instant payments are made once your mobile phone is tested via bank transfer or cheque. Most of the payments made within 24 hours after we have received your mobile phone for recycling.

Secure personal data removal

When you sell your mobile phone to us, we perform as secure data removal service as a standard practice, even to mobile phones which do not turn on or are faulty.

No risk involved

If we do not buy your mobile phone due to any reason, we send it back to you provided all terms and conditions are met. We keep our promise.

We keep our promise

We do not slash the offer price if the device meets our terms and conditions and you should rest assured that your mobile phone is in the safe hands.

Sell and Recycle your Mobile Phone with Confidence!

Every day 1000s of customers search “where is the best place to sell my mobile phone?”, well you have come to the right place, we try our utmost to provide the highest price for your old mobile phone while keeping the standard of our service high!

Want to sell your Samsung Galaxy s7?

Can I sell my mobile for cash here?

Of course, you can sell your mobile for cash even if it’s locked to any UK network. It does not matter if you want to sell an iPhone 6S or wish to sell iPhone 7, we can buy it! You can always check how much we pay when you recycle Samsung mobile phones with us which are even broken or faulty. We also buy low end mobile phones which most of the recyclers do not buy such as Samsung J and A series. You can check the prices by clicking the links below.

Sell Samsung A3

Sell Samsung J3

Sell Samsung A5

Sell Samsung J5

It is recommended that you sell your mobile phone as soon as you no longer need it because mobile phones depreciate with time and soon become an environmental hazard without any resale value.

What happens after I sell my mobile?

When you sell us your mobile phone, we test it, and if it meets all our testing criteria we make an instant payment, if there is something wrong with the trade in, we will get in touch and communicate with you the issue in detail until we reach an agreement. We strive to provide sincere and ethical service to our customers. We pay instant payments straight into your bank account once the mobile phone has been tested as has passed all its tests.

Want to know how much you can sell your Samsung s8 for?

Sell broken Phones for cash!

Have a broken mobile phone? Well don’t worry; you still might be able to make some money from your broken mobile phone. People normally underestimate the real worth of their broken mobile phones and these mobile phones end up in a drawer. You can check how much you can make when you sell broken iPhone 6, sell broken iPhone 7 or sell broken iPhone 8.